Does Sterling Silver Tarnish or Rust Over Time?

Sterling silver jewelry is a beautiful, popular choice for many people looking to add to their jewelry collection or give a great gift. One of the reasons why sterling silver jewelry is so popular is because of its brilliant shine. But does that shine fade over time? Does sterling silver tarnish or does sterling silver rust? 

We’re here to help answer those questions by providing some important information about sterling silver, what it is, and how to best care for it, so you can make an informed purchasing decision when looking for your next piece of jewelry.

What is Tarnish?

Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion or discoloration created when the silver reacts with sulphur compounds found in air, moisture, chemicals, and other elements. Tarnished silver may appear to have a dark gray or black coating and lose its shine. 

While pure silver is actually resistant to tarnish, it’s too soft for creating jewelry. When comparing sterling silver vs. silver, much of the difference has to do with the metal’s durability. Sterling silver is a combination of silver and other metals (known as an alloy), which is strong enough to be formed into jewelry. Yet, silver alloys are more prone to tarnish, particularly in humid environments or those with more air pollution.  

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Women’s Month: The Importance of Self-Care and Supporting Others

This month, we’re raising our proverbial glasses to women. To the women we know, the women we don’t, the women we are, and the women we aspire to be. 

Supporting and empowering women has always been a pillar of Silpada’s core. Also, we recognize that Women’s Month is the perfect time to look at our collective communities and make efforts to uplift others…but how?  

With so many worthy female-centric causes, landing on one was no easy task. After some reflection, we realized that mental health and self-care are two crucial but often ignored issues for women. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 1 in 5 women in the United States has mental health problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or an eating disorder. While these issues are difficult for all women, women of color are especially hard hit. From a lack of access and funding to cultural stigma, they faced a great multitude of hurdles. So we set out to look for an impactful way we could help, and what we found was The Loveland Foundation

Loveland Foundation
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Sterling Silver vs. Pure Silver vs. Silver-Plated Jewelry: What are the Differences?

Silver jewelry is a timeless accessory because it can spice up any outfit and can be worn casually, on date night, or to a fancy event (in fact, we have a whole guide dedicated to pairing silver jewelry with any outfit). But not all silver jewelry is created equal! In fact, there are some major differences between sterling silver vs. silver vs. silver-plated jewelry that you should know before purchasing.  

Let’s look at the differences between these popular silver choices and help you find the perfect piece that’s right for you! 

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Stay Bundled in Bling

The Sterling Silver Jewelry We’re Wearing this Winter

Winter has arrived! Whether your view for the season is a snowy white wonderland or the sun-soaked beach, chances are things look a little—or, a lot—different this year. Even if new year celebrations aren’t going forward as planned, there’s one thing we can promise: social distancing won’t stop us from dressing like legends! 

Take an afternoon scroll through our fave winter collections. No matter your style, we’ve got sterling silver jewelry to match.

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It’s the Little Things

Happy Holidays from Silpada!

Appreciating The Little Things

With the holidays being different this year, we’re focused on the silver linings. We may not be having big get-togethers or taking trips, but in times like these, we’re extra grateful for all the little things.

We asked our team to share all the little ways they’re making this year special (despite everything). We hope sharing our little joys inspires you to appreciate all the good in your life and see every day as a gift.

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