Stay Bundled in Bling

The Sterling Silver Jewelry We’re Wearing this Winter

Winter has arrived! Whether your view for the season is a snowy white wonderland or the sun-soaked beach, chances are things look a little—or, a lot—different this year. Even if new year celebrations aren’t going forward as planned, there’s one thing we can promise: social distancing won’t stop us from dressing like legends! 

Take an afternoon scroll through our fave winter collections. No matter your style, we’ve got sterling silver jewelry to match.

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It’s the Little Things

Happy Holidays from Silpada!

Appreciating The Little Things

With the holidays being different this year, we’re focused on the silver linings. We may not be having big get-togethers or taking trips, but in times like these, we’re extra grateful for all the little things.

We asked our team to share all the little ways they’re making this year special (despite everything). We hope sharing our little joys inspires you to appreciate all the good in your life and see every day as a gift.

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Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Little gifts for the ones who matter most.

 All The Little Things

The holidays look a little different this year. Large gatherings are canceled, parties postponed, travels plans delayed. So let’s focus on the silver linings. The little things that matter more than ever. We’re giving thanks for the small moments and important people who got us through the year. Even you’re spending the holidays apart, you can still make it personal. 

Explore our gift guide for big hit little gifts for the ones who matter most. 

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Practical Chic: 5 Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

Problem-solving products every jewelry lover needs.

We pride ourselves on taking care of each customer like we would a friend. Our journey doesn’t end after you make your purchase, we’re here to help with any and all jewelry-related concerns: what to do about tarnished silver, droopy earrings, tangled necklaces, and everything in between! We’ve got 5 accessories to show you, inspired by the needs of our community,  designed to make life easier.

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Does Sterling Silver Turn Your Finger Green?

Have you ever purchased a beautiful new ring, only for it to turn your skin green after just short while? There are a number reasons why this might happen, from body chemistry to the type of metal used.

When it comes to the type of metal used, you might ask yourself “does sterling silver turn your finger green?” The short answer is yes, sterling silver jewelry can sometimes cause your skin to turn green. Despite what you may have heard, however, this happens because of the metal’s composition—not because it’s “fake” or low-quality silver.

Today we’re sharing some tips for protecting your skin from turning green from your silver jewelry; plus we’ll connect you to higher quality sterling silver to prevent this from happening! You can pair silver jewelry with any outfit so we want to make it easy for you to enjoy this versatile accessory.

What is Sterling Silver Made Out Of?

Close up photo of a woman with 6 stackable bracelets and with a watch on with her thumb in her jean shorts pocket with a sterling silver ring on her middle finger.

The first step in understanding why sterling silver may turn your finger green is to understand the chemical makeup of sterling silver. In its purest state, silver is very malleable, making it great for manipulating, but too soft to keep its form. In order to create silver jewelry, the silver must be blended with other rigid metals, known as alloys, to keep its shape. The most common alloy jewelry makers use is copper. A 925 sterling silver piece of jewelry consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This small amount of copper is what’s responsible for potentially turning someone’s skin green.

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