Creative Ways to Organize Jewelry at Home

DIY Jewelry displays and organizing hacks from Silpada.

You know the feeling – you’re all set to walk out the door, all you need is to add your favorite finishing touches – but you just can’t find what you’re looking for.

You check the usual spots, next to the kitchen sink, next to the shower, on your bedside table. You have a mild panic attack imaging it’s lost for good.

Suddenly, you find it (probably somewhere it shouldn’t be) and a wave of relief washes over you. 

Today we’re going to share some of our quick tips and DIY jewelry displays so you never have to worry about misplaced jewelry again. 

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Everything you need to know about Shine Rewards

Earn discounts and free jewelry when you shop for what you love

At Silpada we’ve always considered each and every one of our customers to be our friends. We love our amazing community so it only made sense for us to launch a rewards program that shows just how much we appreciate you. Introducing Shine Rewards, a new way to earn perks on every Silpada purchase! 

How It Works

We’ve made it simple and FREE to join! All you have to do is create an account and hit “Become A Member” and you’re in. It’s that easy, plus you’ll get 50 points just for signing up. Now it’s on to the fun part, points, perks & rewards. 

BONUS: Want $10 in points? Refer a friend (or 3!) and you’ll receive extra points when they sign up and make their first purchase!

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Meet Our Artisan Nancy Nelson!

Artisan Jewelry Inspired by Nature.

We are elated to introduce you to another new and talented addition to our community—Nancy Nelson! Nancy designs nature-inspired jewelry from her forest home studio, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. We sat down (virtually) to find out more about Nancy, her design process and inspiration, and beyond! Here’s what she had to say (*with a few edits.)

– Tessa 

My mission is to empower women to connect to their true nature and feel empowered, inspired, renewed, grounded and beautiful.

– Nancy
Shop Nancy’s styles for Silpada here
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Introducing Our New Artisan, Marcia Moran!

And Her Eye-Catching Contemporary Brazilian Jewelry.

We are thrilled to introduce you to another talented addition to our incredible community! Meet Marcia Moran! Marcia comes from a family of doctors and dentists, and was once a dentist herself. Read how this full-time mom got into jewelry and started her business in her living room! 

We sat down (virtually) to find out more about Marcia, her journey to becoming a jewelry designer, and beyond! Here’s what she had to say (*with a few edits.)

– Tessa 

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