Empowering Women For 25 Years: Celebrating Our Silver Anniversary

It’s March, which means we’re excited to celebrate Women’s Month, but to add even more anticipation for us at Silpada in 2022, it’s also our 25th anniversary! Throughout the years, our most important passion at Silpada has been (and will be) empowering all women to be the best versions of themselves. Through our jewelry, various programs, and charity partnerships, we’ve taken unbelievable strides in achieving that goal—making great friends along the way!

In reflection, our community of intelligent, inspiring, hardworking, and generous women is the brightest and most brilliant aspect of our history. From our customers (like you!) and creative artisans to our hard-working Silpada team and Brand Ambassadors—we are where we are today because of all of you. 

In honor of this, we’ve curated our Silver Anniversary Collection, featuring styles selected by the women of Silpada through 25 years of successes and trends. From iconic Silpada styles loved by thousands to Artisan-designed jewelry that tells its own story, you’ll find a little bit of our history in each and every one of these wonderful pieces. 

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Thriving Together: Silpada X Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Supporting Women’s Wellness

Breast cancer became the most common cancer globally as of 2021—affecting 1 in 8 U.S. women over the course of their lifetime. Providing resources to get checked out and knowledge of watch out for, sooner, saves lives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Living Beyond Breast Cancer for the third year running to raise awareness and funds for all those affected. 

LBBC’s mission to educate, support, and improve the lives of women in its community aligns with our own. We are proud to collaborate with an organization like theirs that recognizes strength in sisterhood and empowers women. Together, we have raised $26K+ since 2019. 

Help us make this year’s donation the largest one yet.

Shop breast cancer awareness jewelry, 40% of proceeds will be donated to LBBC during October, with 20% giving back year-round.

The materials, craftsmanship, and backstory behind a piece of jewelry can make it a marker for life’s most meaningful moments. This year, we’ve collaborated with four women to create new pieces for our breast cancer awareness collection. Each new designer is a cancer thriver, a survivor using her experience to inspire and empower others.

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Visit The Artisan Market: Support Female Jewelry Designers

Shopping for artisan jewelry at Silpada means that you’re buying a piece with an inspired backstory and a high level of craftsmanship. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to add something special to their look and jewelry collection. In addition, every piece purchased contributes to the success of a female entrepreneur’s small business and helps make her dreams come true. (Our favorite part of artisan jewelry!)

Artisan market

From our origins, Silpada has always had a long history and deep respect for artisans and the work they do. Fast forward almost two decades, and we’ve only built on that sentiment, becoming a destination for artisan jewelry. We’ve worked with a number of artisans throughout the years and in 2021—we’ve decided we need to think bigger

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How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstones

Sterling silver jewelry will last for decades if maintained properly, so a little regular cleaning goes a long way. There are some special considerations for cleaning your sterling silver jewelry with gemstones, as some of the common methods for cleaning sterling silver can damage delicate gemstones. 

Read on to learn about safe, effective, and easy solutions for cleaning your sterling silver jewelry with gemstones. 

Tools & Materials to Use for Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry with Gemstones

When cleaning your sterling silver necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets with gemstones, you’ll need a small set of tools and materials to make your cleaning effective. Some of the best ways to clean your sterling silver jewelry with gemstones involve using things you might already have around the house, like warm water and liquid dish soap. Here are some of our favorite items to keep handy for cleaning jewelry:

  • Gentle dish soap
  • Lint-free microfiber cloths
  • A soft-bristled toothbrush
  • A polishing cloth
  • Steam (from a steam cleaner or boiling water—just don’t put the jewelry in the water!)
  • Silver jewelry cleaning solution
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Types of Gemstones You Need to Know

When shopping for sterling silver jewelry, it may be hard to know which types of gemstones you or your gift recipient may want.

It can be tempting to go with the first piece that draws your eye, or to reference one of the trending popular gemstones and jewelry styles for inspiration. However, when doing your research you may want to consider some additional factors, such as:

  • Resistance to scratching
  • Color
  • Occasion (birthstones or anniversaries)
  • Ease of care

A rating system such as the Mohs Hardness Scale can help you decide which type of gemstone to purchase based on how scratch-resistant the jewelry is. Based on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest to 10 being the hardest mineral, the Mohs Hardness Scale can be a great tool to identify what minerals are more prone to scratching than others. If you or your recipient lives an active lifestyle, a gemstone higher on the Mohs Hardness Scale, such as a diamond or topaz, might be more practical.

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