Cheers to the creators!

Welcome to Silpada’s first ever Artisan Month – a month-long celebration of the designers who are behind some of the styles we’ve all come to love.

A Passion to Create

Between work, kids, relationships and the normal hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget that just about everything we use, everything we touch, everything we eat, is someone’s creation, a passion that came to fruition. “We all have a bit of a creator inside of us and we all create different things – personally, I create in the kitchen. Others create in the garden, on a canvas, in words or with the way they dress” says VP/GM of Silpada, Lee Senderov. “Our hope with Artisan Month is that it will inspire all of us to create again.”

raw stones

Meet Today’s Artisans

Throughout August, you’ll meet artisans from around the world who have created the works of art that we all wear every day. You’ll read their stories, learn about what inspires them and see them create jewelry with their own hands. Then, when you get dressed for the day and add a piece of Silpada jewelry to your #OOTD, you’ll be reminded of the stories and inspirations of these artisans. “I remember the first time I spoke with Janice Girardi about her Balinese collection, I was so moved by the things that inspired her.Β Now when I wear the Sayang Ring, I feel an instant connection and escape to Janice’s world in Bali,” says Lee.


Meet Tomorrow’s Artisan

We hope that Artisan Month will bring our Silpada-loving community closer than ever before to the very beginning of the creation process. So, with the help of our partners at Rio Grande, an artisan’s go-to source for all things jewelry-making, we’ve discovered Silpada’s next designer and we want YOU to help choose what she’ll create for us! During the month of August, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and vote for the styles you’d love to see on Silpada this holiday season.


Artisan Month officially kicks off Monday, August 6th and we hope you’ll join us!

– Mandy


32 thoughts on “Cheers to the creators!”

  1. Yes, I would love to see all sterling silver earrings about 2inches wide and wide in width about 1 inches. But very light in weight. Please make.

  2. Love the Jewelry so can’t wait to meet the creative minds behind these masterpieces πŸ’

  3. I love Silpada rings and earrings. The one stack ring of mine is always my go to ring for years. Please create some new and different looks please! Looking forward to it.

  4. used to be a rep, love, love, love Silpada. I miss the cataloge as it was my “if you want to buy me something,….: like a wish list you know.

  5. Fabulous excited what be coming our way for pleasures and beautiful jewels. Yay πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

  6. I miss the catalog would almost wear it out kept it handy and whenever I had a spare moment I’d be looking at it and planning my next purchase. Not so handy on line.

  7. I’ve so enjoyed all the comments I’ve just read! I never did sell, but sure did enjoy shopping & looking at the catalog also. I loved the discount sales! I just love sterling silver. And yes I’m excited also. I LOVE it all.

  8. Love,love,love silpada! I still look at the 2011-2012 catalog,That’s how timeless the jewelry is.

  9. Love your designs, please do a few clips for your older but trying to stay younger clients!!

  10. Yes I miss the catalog too. It kept me up to date and the names and number of the jewelry. Especially the older catalog and of course the new one will help too for the future.

  11. What an novel idea, this is wonderful, the story behind the creation means everything. Jewelry is such a personal expression of how we see ourselves this information will make it that much more meaningful. I love Silpada jewelry, thank you for thinking of your customers in all that you do.

  12. This is so exciting! As an amateur jewelry designer, becoming a rep was the right fit for me. I even had dreams of designing for this company! I cannot wait to see the new designs!

  13. Yes, I was a Silpada rep as well. I would love to see the catalogs come back. I would love to see Silpada reps come back. There would be a lot of former reps that would return. Sales would go up so much higher for Silpada. Think about it!!!!

  14. More hoops please! My old stamped silver flat hoops broke and I’d love to have something like them again.

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