Spotlight on Emerald: Meet our new artisan

For more than 2 decades, Silpada has been working closely with artisans and designers to create the unique pieces that have become synonymous with Silpada jewelry. Our newest partnership is with an up and coming designer from Portland, Oregon. Allow us to introduce Emerald, a self-taught silversmith and jewelry designer!


Emerald has been making her own jewelry for 4 years & recently sat down with our team to talk about her journey to becoming a designer and the evolution of her craft. “Often I’ll buy stones that I like without having a particular plan for them and let them tell me what they want to become.”

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For her, becoming a jewelry designer was definitely an evolution. “It started as a hobby, making a lot of assembled jewelry pieces, but I felt that I quickly hit a wall.” Emerald set her sights on learning metalsmithing so that she could create her own components and not rely on pre-made supplies.

“Metalsmithing was a natural fit and opened up new opportunities on the journey”


Current Trend She’s Loving: Delicate Layering Necklaces

“Lately I’ve been wearing a hamsa pendant I made with a sparkly Silpada necklace that my mom gifted me years ago.”

Favorite Pieces of Jewelry She Owns

“I love my wedding band which was made by another independent jewelry designer.”


For Emerald, this is it, the dream job you aspire to find. “I still have the first ring that I ever made, with a bezel setting, as a reminder of where I started.”



Check out our Facebook & Instagram pages to see Emerald’s designs & help create her new collection for Silpada, launching later this year!

– Caitlin


5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Emerald: Meet our new artisan”

  1. This is such a distinct opportunity for clients to understand what goes into designing our sterling silver jewels. And what a great chance for them to see the start to finish of the design!

    1. Hi Sheron! This is one of Emerald’s existing designs, stay tuned for her Silpada collection launching later this year!

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