Keep it sterling – how to best care for your silver jewelry

When thinking about how to take care of your silver, what not to do is just as important as what to do. To simplify these do’s and don’ts, we compiled two quick lists:
  • Keep your Sterling Silver jewelry dry. Be sure to dry hands well after washing.
  • Wipe your jewelry off after each wear before storing them. Our easy-to-use specially treated Signature Polishing Cloth is perfect for this.
  • For especially tarnished pieces made solely of Sterling Silver, you can use commercially available silver polishes, such as Wright’s Silver Cream. This type of cleaner is not recommended for oxidized Sterling Silver pieces however, as it may remove the oxidation.
  • Store your jewelry in a dry place.


Cleaning your Silpada jewelry

  • Do not shower, bath or swim with your Sterling Silver Jewelry. Water causes silver to tarnish more easily.
  • Avoid exposure from cosmetic products like lotion and perfume.  Putting your jewelry on after hair and makeup in the morning is ideal, and removing it before your night-time regimen will limit exposure to potential damage.
  • No housework with jewelry. Household cleaning products will dirty your jewels requiring additional cleaning and care so remove jewelry while working around the house.
Following these simple steps will help ensure your Silpada sterling silver jewelry stays sparkling!
– Lee

5 thoughts on “Keep it sterling – how to best care for your silver jewelry”

  1. I love my Silpada jewelry! However, my favorite topaz bracelet has broken. The bracelet is sterling beads, smoky topaz and crystal. Can it be repaired?? What is the process? Please. Intact me via email. Thanks

  2. Have necklace Thoreau chain is tarnishing used the cloth but did not work. Do you have any other ideas of how to polish It? Thank you.

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