Good karma is always in style

One of our most loved and best selling pieces, the karma Ring, is a simple style that serves as a daily reminder to keep your inner circle positive. The karma ring was one of the first Silpada pieces I purchased and is definitely the one that I wear most often.
There are so many definitions associated with the word “karma”. You may have heard the saying “what goes around, comes around” associated with it but the core of karma goes deeper. Karma is an important doctrine in Buddhism that explains the law of moral causation. What’s interesting about this Buddhist belief is that it is associated not as much with doing unto others as you would like done to you but more so with how we treat ourselves. In other words, we ourselves are responsible for our happiness and misery and we create our own universe.

This piece really goes with anything and everything, it’s a great silver staple but also a constant reminder to be good to yourself and the universe around you. The meditative round shape with the elevated concave reminds me to stop worrying and remain present.
For years, the karma piece has been such an essential wardrobe staple for so many of our customers that we’ve recently added to the line. Make sure to check out our new karma bangle & the karma set. Over the years, our customers have shared many photos and stories of their karma jewelry. We love hearing personal accounts of good karma & positive energy. Want to share yours? Leave a comment below, or share your photos on Instagram & tag @Silpadadesigns using #WearGoodKarma Here are some photos we love!
– Lee
Karma ring
Karmit Ring
Karma ring
Karma ring
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