Balinese jewelry handcrafted exclusively for Silpada

Jewelry designer Janice Girardi has spent the last four decades traveling southeast Asia, studying ancient silversmith techniques from Balinese master craftsmen, and drawing inspiration from the magnificent beauty that surrounds her. Her use of colorful gemstones and intricate details bring the beauty of Indonesia to life in our exclusive Balinese collection.

Silpada introduced this exclusive collection in the spring of 2017 & as Janice says “Silpada and Janice Girardi are a match made in heaven.” Now, we’re thrilled to continue to grow our relationship with Janice and her team and introduce the newest additions to the Balinese collection.
For this collection, Janice introduced pieces using a combination of pearls and stones. She told us about her creative process and even shared sketches that her team brought to life for Silpada. “It takes a lot of time and experimentation to select the perfect combination of stones and colors.” She was particularly excited to introduce the new Warna-Warni Bracelet  and Red Sky Drop Earrings “… the purples in the berry pearl has many gradations of color, making it a perfect partner with the red of the garnet and purple of the amethyst. You can imagine yourself at a farmers market where the final harvest of berries is on display.”
“It’s so interesting how collections evolve!” Janice tells us. “Many times it’s the changing of seasons and their corresponding colors and textures, or a new technique that a jeweler has perfected, or even a clothing or style trend.” Her newest styles for Silpada are stunning pieces; some evolutions of existing styles while others introduce striking colors, new stone shapes and handcrafted details.
“I find ongoing inspiration from the patterns in nature all around me, from gorgeous stones I find at the gem shows, and what I can only express as a magical element that is found in Balinese design” says Janice. You can read more about Janice & how the culture and beauty of Bali inspire her jewelry in our Q&A.
Her most loved new piece? The Cloudless Sky Cuff Bracelet. “When it is hand-hammered you are actually sensing the jeweler’s tangible impact” says Janice.
She praises her team’s use of ancient Balinese silversmith techniques, passed down from generation to generation, for the intricate detail that has become symbolic of the collection. “Pieces are patiently produced to last for life” Janice says, and it’s obvious how passionate she is about the process and commitment to quality.
Explore the Balinese collection and leave us a comment, we can’t wait to share these new styles with you! From Bali, with love.
– Caitlin

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  1. Black stone earrings! I have bracelet with silver and round black stone. Need earrings to match!

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment! We love that you want earrings to match! Are these ( what you were looking for? If not, please send us a picture of your bracelet and we’ll recommend another pair! 🖤 You can always contact us on social media if that’s easier – @SilpadaDesigns on Instagram + Facebook.

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