How to style two-toned jewelry

Remember the days when wearing black and brown together was an absolute no? Many of us lived and died by this rule and others like, “no white after labor day”. But when it comes to recent style and trends, those rules are dead and gone.  

Years ago we were forced to choose between gold or silver because no one would wear both together (the horror!). Well some rules are just meant to be broken. Silpada celebrates uniqueness through artisan jewelry and we encourage you to embrace your own personal style, because being you will never go out of fashion.

Two-toned jewelry

Two-toned jewels, hand-crafted details and artisan designs are being celebrated & styled together to create something perfectly imperfect. We’re excited to share a few of our favorite mixed metal pieces + tips for creating a look you’ll love. Here are some styles you should add to your jewelry box now.

Two-toned necklaces

A simple way to create your look is to start with a two-toned piece, like these Aztec Drop Earrings. Now you can accessorize with either metal without feeling mismatched.  

multi-toned earrings
Two-toned ring
Multi-toned earrings

Don’t be afraid to add color! The trick lies in artfully layering pieces of varying lengths and mixing metals & shapes for an organic, effortless effect  

Two-toned necklaces
Assortment of two-toned jewelry

Layer two-tone bangles and bracelets.

Two-toned bracelets

Show off those rings! Stack your silver and gold styles for a look that’s so you. Strike a balance between thin bands and chunky rings to avoid looking mismatched. When in doubt stick to rings that are similar in size & add in one fun cocktail ringto make it pop.  

Multi-toned rings

Wondering what other types of jewelry you should add to your collection? Check out these trends having a major moment:  

Rose Gold + Sterling Silver

This two-toned duo is one of our current obsessions!  

Pearls That Go with… Everything

Find your luster with pearls from Honora, our sister brand.

Yellow Gold Jewelry

Yellow gold necklaces with colorful gemstones aquamarinerose quartz & peridot are giving us spring fever!) Discover how simple it is to mix and match your metals and gemstones with completely customizable jewelry from Gemvara.  

Symbols, Initials & Inspirational Designs

Personalized jewelry is in increasing demand. Birthstones and zodiac symbols make great additions to a layered look   So tell us, are you ready to mix it up this season? If not, you’ll never go wrong with simple silver essentials!  

– Caitlin

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