A girl with an education is unstoppable

Silpada Partners with She’s The First

In honor of Women’s History Month, Silpada is thrilled to announce our support of She’s the First, a non-profit organization whose mission is to end gender inequality through education!

Why She’s the First

She’s the First advocates for global education equality in local communities and around the world. Since launching in 2009, She’s the First has fought gender inequality by supporting girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school. The program is currently active across 21 countries, including India, Uganda, Peru, and the United States.

When it came to finding an organization to support, She’s the First was a natural choice for us because of our shared values, including female empowerment, gender equality, and being responsible to one’s community.

For Silpada’s role, we chose to support Girl Power, a girls’ group chapter of young STF Scholars in India, who chose this name for themselves!

Silpada and She’s the First’s Shared Values

Silpada has always been about more than just jewelry – it’s about connections between women, it is to some extent, a sisterhood. The Silpada woman has a strong personality, no matter what her age, knows who she is at her core, and seeks personal growth.

There were two key components of She’s the First that especially resonated with us – the vision and the execution of the vision.

The vision of She’s the First to “support girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and train students everywhere to be global leaders” resonated with us because going to high school is not only an important step in a person’s intellectual development, but it also empowers individuals to gain confidence and develop a sense of self. One of Silpada’s guiding principles is to Always Empower- we believe by supporting She’s the First we can grow our sisterhood and have a larger impact.

Secondly, the execution, She’s the First achieves their vision through the creation of girl groups around the world. The idea of fostering togetherness to empower young women to learn not only from their school but also from each other, reflects principles important to our Silpada community as well.

We see our partnership with She’s the First as an exciting opportunity to grow our sisterhood, encourage women everywhere to reach their highest potential and expand this global network of support.

Silpada + She's the first

What Access to Education Means to Lee Senderov, GM of Silpada

These principles are important to us, not only as a brand but also as individuals. Speaking to our GM, Lee Senderov, about the role education had in her own professional and personal growth, she shared the following:

I owe much of my successes and achievements to my education. It has enabled me to widen my horizons beyond anything I thought was possible. I am fortunate to have parents who fostered a home where education was of utmost importance. They pushed me to attend business school and I was fortunate to be admitted to Harvard Business School, an experience that changed my life. Not only were the institution and the professors phenomenal, but the students I met were incredible and the dreams I heard about were so big. I learned about professions and possibilities that I could not even fathom. Education changed my life and I hope that by supporting She’s the First, we can help fuel a similar change in someone else’s life.

Education is Essential for a Long Healthy Life

Studies show that access to education is one of the main reasons that in today’s day and age people are expected to add 30 years to their lives. So learning is not just useful for skill building, it’s essential to our continued physical and mental health.

Girls have always faced different challenges than boys when it comes to attending schools, especially in lower income countries. For example, UNESCO estimates that one in ten girls misses school when they are menstruating, a challenge males do not face.

Sadly, in many places around the world, women are still regarded as second class citizens not having the same rights, liberties and opportunities as men and boys. Education is what can change this. The more girls that go to school, the more that enter the workforce, the closer we get as a civilization to gender equality.

Get Involved

Get to know the girls’ group Silpada will be supporting.  Meet the STF Scholars from Girl Power India.

If you would like to further support She’s the First, you can do so here: https://shesthefirst.org/donate


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