Meet the scholars of Girl Power India

Hear From These STF Scholars About Their Favorite Subjects, Their Goals, and What Education Means to Them

She’s the First advocates for global education equality in local communities and around the world. Since launching in 2009, She’s the First has fought gender inequality by supporting girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school. The program is currently active across 21 countries, including India, Uganda, Peru, and the United States.

For Silpada’s role, we chose to support Girl Power, a girls’ group chapter in India. Learn more about these scholars below.

Introducing Girl Power

The group of She’s the First Scholars that Silpada has partnered with is called Girl Power, located in India’s Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project. The group calls themselves Girl Power because they believe “we all have the power to do something!” Girl Power is made up of 20 female students who say that after graduation their dreams are to become teachers, dancers, business women, doctors, engineers, artists, leaders and beyond!

To the achieve these dreams the group sets agendas to achieve together. This year, their goal is to get 100% in their classes. “We can help each other by studying together and helping each other when one of us doesn’t understand,” they said.

When it came to finding an organization to support, She’s the First was a natural choice for us because of our shared values, including female empowerment, gender equality, and being responsible to one’s community. According to the group, the social issue these STF Scholars of Girl Power India care most about is education. Like us, they believe everyone should have and equal opportunity to go to school so that they can grow up and be whatever they want to be.

She's the First


Angel is from Bangalore and loves to play with her little brother when she is home. Her favorite subjects are grammar and Hindi. After she graduates secondary school, she hopes to teach others handwriting and grammar. Angel enjoys her mother’s cooking and playing with her younger brother. When she isn’t studying, she draws elephants. She loves elephants since they are so big and gentle. The most important thing in her life is her family and friends and she wants to spend as much time as she can with them.


Ankitha truly enjoys grammar and music classes, mostly because she loves to dance and sing. In her free time, she sometimes sneaks into the music room and sings and dances in front of the mirror. At home, her favorite thing is playing with her newborn baby brother and making greeting cards. When she goes home to Sundew, she loves spending time with her mother, father, and three siblings.


Anusri loves to learn Hindi, creative writing, math, and her favorite subject is literature. After she graduates, Anusri wants to become an Environmental Education Teacher. Anusri is truly relishing being a third grader this year. Her favorite subject is Hindi while her favorite extracurriculars are dancing and singing. Anusri wants to be a dancer because she loves sharing her passion for movement with others. When she is home in Devarapalli, she loves to spend time with her mother and two older siblings, who helped her study math and english at home during summer break.


Bhargavi loves learning about sentences, numbers, and playing with her friends during physical training. Bhargavi’s favorite subject is art because of the freedom she says she feels in art class. She looks forward to making greeting cards for her parents and her dream is to become a dance teacher. Her favorite games to play are hide & seek and tag with her best friend, Sujitha. When she is home in Hosur, Bhargavi loves being with her family, playing with her sister and the other little kids in the neighborhood, singing with her father in Tamil, and eating lots of pancakes with syrup.


Dimpal is from Bangalore. When not at Shanti Bhavan, she lives with her mother. Her mother takes care of children and her father passed away. At home she loves to play with her friends. She loves school, especially when she gets to draw pictures. She loves her teacher Ms. Karlena! Her favorite time of year is when she gets to go home and spend time with her family. Dimpal’s favorite subjects are environmental science and math. She finds the environment to be interesting to learn about while she finds the activities done in class to be fascinating. Dimpal also loves helping others.


Jayashree, a third grader, wants to become a ballroom dancer. But for now, she’s more than happy with spending her free time dancing during her classes and school events. When she grows older, she wants to be a partake in the rich Tamil culture by performing traditional tamil dances. Her teachers say that Jayashree is lively and confident. She is devoted to sharing her love of dancing with everyone she meets. At home in Vaidapeli, Jayashree loves to play hide and seek with her older brother and sister, who are her role models.


Kalaivani is from Bangalore where her mother, father, and three siblings live. When she is home, she helps her parents cook, clean, and fold dresses. Her favorite food to cook with her mother is chapati, which looks and tastes like tortilla. Kalaivani enjoys being in school and she can’t get enough of her favorite classes: science and math. In science, she likes learning about the concept of matter. In math, she enjoys practicing addition. Her favorite holiday is Pongal, a four-day-long Hindu harvest festival which is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. In the mornings, she plays soccer with her classmates and enjoys scoring goals. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite book is Cinderella. After she graduates, Kalaivani wants to work very hard and become a doctor.


Kirubashree is from Kalimatu where her mother, father, and four year-old sister live. When she is home, she loves to skip and jump rope with her sister and make pancakes with her family. Kirubashree’s favorite subject in school is Hindi because she wants to master the language. She even enjoys dancing to Hindi music as a way to practice the language. Her teachers say she is kind and is a leader amongst her classmates. She hopes to join the choir at Shanti Bhavan when she is old enough.


Lolita enjoys math and spending time with her friend Rithika. Lolita is from Bangalore and loves to eat Chitrana and spend time with her siblings. Lolita’s favorite part of school is computer class. She enjoys learning how to use the keyboard. During her holiday breaks, she always looks forward to Good Friday, which is her favorite holiday.


Megala is from Tamil Nadu and lives there with her mother, father, and four sisters. In school, Megala likes to write in English and is excited to show her sisters and baby nephew her new skills. Megala also enjoys art and music. In art, she likes drawing and design, especially designing floral patterns. Her music tastes are varied and likes to listen to music of different genres. She also enjoys reading stories like “The Jungle Book” and chapter books like the “Junie B. Jones” book series. Outside of the classroom, playing soccer, and helping adults at school and home. After she graduates, Megala wants to become a doctor so she can have money for a house and give the rest of the money to her mother.


Moksha is from Pathur where her parents, uncles, grandparents, and younger brother live. Moksha loves to express herself through different forms of art, mainly dancing and creative writing. When she grows up, she aspires to become a doctor simply because she can help other people get better. In school, she ranks first in her class and is always the first to complete her classwork and help classmates to finish their assignments. In her free time, she loves reading fairy tales about princesses and playing dodgeball. After she graduates, Moksha wants to be a doctor for children.


Monica is from Tripilidu, Tamil Nadu where her mother, father, and three year-old brother live. When she is home, her dad buys her a fish kebab almost every night and she spends her days helping her mom keep the house tidy. At both home and school, Monica enjoys playing hide and seek, dancing, and practicing yoga. Her favorite yoga poses are crow and dolphin. Monica’s favorite subjects in school are computer and music class. She like to type and practices her typing with online typing games. In her free time, Monica loves to dance and aspires to be a dancer when she grows up. She also likes to eat international foods like kebabs and learning about different cultures.


Monisha is from Bangalore. Her mother works in a garden and her father makes stones. When she is at home she loves to play soccer. She loves her teacher Ms. Steena because she helps her to learn and do well. Her favorite time of year at Shanti Bhavan is Diwali! Monisha is excited to be in the 3rd grade and is already looking forward to moving to the 4th grade. Her favorite subject is art because she loves to draw. Her favorite holiday is Shanti Bhavan’s founder Dr. George’s birthday. She likes this particular holiday because of the cake cutting and she has a profound respect for Dr. George.


Rachana sometimes feels shy, so learning to write has been especially fun for her. Rachana’s favorite book is the Lion King. Rachana had an excellent semester and had the opportunity to learn many new things! Her favorite subject is creative writing and she aspires to become a teacher. Although her journey to her village is long and exhausting, she is very eager to go home for summer break.


Rithika is a 1st grader. She is 7 years old and is from Jarkun. At home, her mother cooks food and her father is a builder. At home she likes to spend time with her parents. Rithika is particularly fond of dancing and her preferred dancing style is classical. She enjoys social studies class and learning about different cultures and their interactions with others. She always looks forward to holiday season, especially Christmas, her favorite holiday, because she likes to give and receive gifts.


Ruchitha is enjoying this school year. She always looks forward to her literature and computer classes. When Ruchitha is not in class, she prefers to spend her time outdoors jumping on the trampoline. Ruchitha’s favorite class is art. She is an enthusiastic artist – she loves to draw roses in her favorite colors, pink and blue, and to draw Shanti Bhavan, which she considers her home. Ruchitha enjoys her time so much at Shanti Bhavan that when she goes home for the holidays, she misses the school and her friends.


Seetha is from Bangalore where her father, mother, grandmother, and three older siblings live. During breaks, she loves playing badminton with her siblings and eating chocolate chip pancakes. She is excited to start the second grade and to learn Hindi. Bollywood movies are done in Hindi and she wants to be able to understand the movies when she watches them.


Suji’s favorite thing to do is eat strawberry cake with chocolate ice cream. She also enjoys foot races with friends because she is “as fast as a lion.” Suji is enjoying her classes, but has taken a specific liking to her Hindi class. Hindi has a special place in her heart because of the sounds the language produces and she genuinely enjoys learning new words. Outside of school, her favorite thing to do is to be around her friends and family which is what she values the most in her life. Drawing has also become a new hobby. Since she knows the names of various flowers, she likes to draw them. At night before bed, she adores story time which fuels her creativity and gives her colorful dreams.


Sujitha is from Tirupati and loves spending time with her mother, father, younger sister, and younger brother. Sujitha aspires to be a music teacher because she finds music therapeutic for children, and she spends every minute of her free time singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Her favorite movie is “Moana” because it tells the story of a young, fearless, and strong girl who never gives up no matter how difficult her problems are.


Vaishnavi is from Ayapanagar, where her parents and brother live. When she is home, she enjoys playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” with her brother and cooking with her mother. Her favorite food when she’s home is Maggi noodles, and she always asks her mother for it. Vaishnavi loves playing with hula hoops and eating the beetroot served during lunch and dinner at Shanti Bhavan. She likes to learn about stars and planets in her science class.

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