9 parenting hacks from Silpada moms that will make your life easier

We’re All In This Together

One of our favorite things about Silpada is the incredible bond of sisterhood we share with our customers and team members. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, we’re focused on celebrating motherhood and empowering the female caregivers in our lives.

Being a mom is one of the most difficult jobs in the world- but also one of the most rewarding. We think mom deserves more than a simple store-bought card this year. This year, Silpada’s gift is a collection of wisdom from female caregivers on our team! (You’d be amazed to learn some creative uses for backpacks and laundry baskets)

See what 9 moms from the Silpada– sisterhood said were their favorite parenting-hacks and find out their go-to “momiker” is to use at home!

Mom-hack #1


“If she eats all her dinner she gets a treat”

– Igna, “Mommy” or “Mama” to Sofia, age 3.5.

Mom-hack #2


“I feel like I learn (and hack) as I go constantly! I’m blessed to have lots of mommy friends and we all share hacks all the time. One that I live by is always have snacks and wipes, this will literally take care of 80% of your problems.”

– Lee, “Mommy” (sometimes “mean mommy”) to David, age 5 and Liam, age 3.

Mom-hack #3

Laura P
“Take advantage of online grocery shopping. If you can avoid the aisles with sugar-craving kiddo, it will add years to your life”

– Laura P., “Mamma” to Roxanne, age 9

Mom-hack #4

“I cannot tell you all the ways I’ve used a laundry basket. They can be used in the tub to keep toys from floating too far away, I’ve filled them with blankets and used them for naps away from home or on the beach, and I’ve kept him out of trouble by sitting him in the basket with a toy while I grab something from the car. Sometimes I fill it with pillows and push or pull him around our apartment, and sometimes, believe it or not, I actually have time to do laundry”

– Emylee, aka “Mama” to Buddy, age 14 months.

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Mom-hack #5

Laura S
“Babies grow tired of toys and outgrow them fast, so we try to be creative with homemade baby toys, it’s useful, a lot of fun and you can recycle too. Matheo loves water bottles filled with small toys, they keep him happy for hours! “

– Laura S., mother of Matheo, age 13 months (Waiting for his first word to be mommy!)

Mom-hack #6

“Keep the little ones occupied for hours (or minutes lol) with food coloring and water. It teaches them color theory and little to no mess.”

– Kae, “Mama” to Austin, age 4 and “Best Stepmom” to Adrian, age 14.

Mom-hack #7

“I call him a strong boy so he’ll help me with errands!”

– Jingyi, “Mommy Bear“ to her son, age 5 and daughter age 7.

Mom-hack #8

“I put my son Eamon in the hiking backpack while I mow the lawn, our neighbors must think I’m nuts but it gets the job done! My other hack is a bag of Jelly Belly beans- I find that if I give them to him one at a time, he will sit through almost anything…”

– Lauren, “Ma-ma” to Eamon, age 2.

Mom-hack #9 – From our newest mom!

“Set up stations around your house, so you have everything you need in multiple places. This way you don’t need to drag things from one place to the next while carrying a newborn around.”

– Kayla, calls herself Mama, but her daughter can’t speak yet at just 14 weeks!

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