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Second Annual Artisan Month

Welcome to Silpada’s second annual artisan month!

We value each member of our community as a friend -and friends don’t let friends wear substandard jewelry. This is why we are committed to maintaining high standards of craftsmanship, sourcing our jewelry responsibly, and keeping our customers informed along the way. Artisan jewelry is synonymous with quality and a high level of detail, and that’s why we love it. Artisan month kicks off August 1st, a month-long celebration of the hardworking craftswomen behind some of our favorite collections. 

Last year we introduced artisan month to give an inside look to the passion that goes into each of our jewelry collections and inspires our community to embrace their inner creators. We enjoyed it so much that we’re bringing it back! We’ve got new artisans, a special collaboration with Metalicious, new stories and new collections launching each week in August. We hope you’ll join us.

– Lee Senderov, President 
Enjoy 15% Off artisan jewelry all month long! 

Each week in August, we’ll feature a different artisan, share her story, and give you a special discount on her new collection! Not only that, this year we’ve partnered with the fabulous Stephanie-Maslow Blackman of Metalicious to give you an even closer look behind the scenes.

Here a taste of what to expect:

  • 15% Off artisan jewelry all month long!
  • Collaboration with Metalicious including exclusive collections launching 8/26!
  • Stories from our artisans

And more!

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Silpada x Metalicious Collaboration

Stephanie Maslow-Blackman, CEO of Metalicious

Meet Stephanie Maslow-Blackman

Coming August 26, we’re launching an exclusive collaboration with Stephanie of Metalicious. Stephanie’s a NY-based artist, mom, wife and and self-described loud laughing metalsmith. Learn more about her from our Q+A with Stephanie

Shop Her Collection (Coming Soon)

Read Her Interview > 

Behind the Bench: Meet Our Artisans

Top: Janice Girardi, Silvi Rozenfeler, Center: Efrat Saada Limor

Meet Silvi Rozenfeler

Silvi creates hand hammered geometric jewelry inspired by nature. She was a career OR nurse whose life took an unexpected turn that led her down the path to become a jewelry designer. Shop her new collection when it launches in August!

Shop Silvi’s Collection >

Read Silvi’s Story

Artisan Efrat Saada Limor

From her travels to Thailand to sitting on her porch at her home, Efrat draws inspiration finds inspiration from just about anywhere when she’s designing your favorite Silpada styles. Find out what unique qualities make Roman glass so alluring and be the first to shop Efrat’s new collection when it launches in August.

Shop Efrat’s Collection >

Learn About Roman Glass > 

Artisan Janice Girardi 

A college trip to visit her sister was just the start of Janice’s journey to Bali, along which she collected and traded jewelry to support herself. Read more about Janice’s travels and the inspiration behind her jewelry collection. Get a first look at Janice’s new Balinese jewelry collection when it launches in August.

Shop Janice’s Collection >

Read Janice’s Story > 

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Artisan Month officially kicks off August 1st, We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the care that goes into our jewelry and our that our artisans’ stories inspire you to pursue your passions.

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Learn More About Artisan Month

Follow @SilpadaDesigns on Facebook and Instagram in August so you don’t miss a thing.

– Tessa

*Save 15% off all existing artisan jewelry collections on during August. Special discount each week on featured artisan’s new arrivals are valid for that week only. 

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