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Silvi Rozenfeler: From OR To Artisan

Read Silvi’s story about her journey to becoming a jewelry artisan, in her own words (with a few edits). – Tessa

My path to where I am today began long ago when I was injured in a car accident and had to stay at home for a few months recovering.

After the accident, I had to stay home to recuperate. At the time I was working as an OR Nurse (Operating Room Nurse), I was used to doing delicate and extremely accurate work with my hands, involving screws, plates, screwdrivers and all kind of OR tools. I am an active person and to rest and do nothing is just not me – so I decided to try making jewelry!

Silvi sketching

I began creating jewelry using ready-made parts and stones I purchased in hobby shops. I grew to love my creations and was happy to find friends who came to visit me did as well. 

Each of my friends who expressed love for my jewelry received a piece as a gift. Soon I was left with nothing! So I started to do each of my designs twice – one to give away and one to keep for myself. Soon, all my friends were wearing my pieces. Other people began to take notice and expressed interest in purchasing my designs. It wasn’t long before I found myself working at the hospital and on selling my jewelry at the same time.

My husband recognized the potential my jewelry designs had and started contemplating the possibilities.

I recovered 5 months after the accident and went back to work as an OR nurse. 

Each morning I left home wearing a piece of new jewelry I created, and each evening I came back without it. The women I worked with at the hospital would take my pieces right from my neck or ears and ask to purchase!

Silvi jewelry samples

While it felt great that people were loving my designs, I still considered it just a hobby at this point. Half a year had passed when my husband came to me with an interesting proposal. He suggested we start a family business and work together. Because my husband has an MSc. in computers and electronic systems (Masters in Science), I assumed he was proposing we start some kind of High-tech business, which he would run while I work as his secretary. 

It was a big surprise when he said, “For the last 10 years one of my jobs is to find talented people to cast developing teams. You have a natural talent in designing jewelry! Leave your OR job and let’s open a jewelry business”.

Silvi jewelry sketch

His idea to work together sounded wonderful but, I loved my OR work and still saw jewelry-making as my hobby. At this time, I was at the top of my career as an OR nurse and loved it very much. 

After giving his proposal a lot of thought, I came to the decision that it was time to start a new chapter and establish a new career. The change was hard – for a while. At first, I couldn’t pass the hospital without crying & longing.

We started our jewelry business 19 years ago. 

Silvi jewelry model

We created our company name using the first letter of each member of our family’s name, from the youngest to the eldest. When our son turned 21 years old (13 years ago), he joined as well. 

We succeeded to establish a family business with the young generation to continue it. My heart remains a nurse’s heart and I will always use my OR knowledge to help others in need.

– Silvi

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