Your guide to NYC by Stephanie from Metalicious

Our Artisan’s Favorite City Spots

We’re handing the reins over to Stephanie Maslow-Blackman of Metalicious to take you on a tour of her favorite local spots and share how living in New York City inspires her as an artist. Please give her a warm Silpada -family welcome!

– Tessa

Hey, it’s Stephanie from Metalicious here! 

I’m so happy with how excited you’ve all been about the new jewelry collections I designed here in New York City. In this post I’m going to take you on a tour of some of my favorite spots in NYC. To be honest it was hard to not have them all be about desserts and snacks (LOL). 

Let’s get started!

The first stop is one of my favorite buildings here in New York, The Flatiron Building. It’s just a few blocks from my studio so I get to see it almost every day (*swoon*).

It’s named after the triangular plot of land it’s built on, in the shape of a “flat iron” that was a popular household item in 1902 when it was constructed. What I love is that the limestone structure has so many carvings in it that you can look at it from all angles and see something new each time.

Next stop is my secret sweet shop: La Maison du Macaron! Don’t let the fancy French name fool you, this place is a blast. I’ve been taking my kids here since they were little because if you get there early enough you can peek into their kitchen and see them baking macarons and decorating the desserts. SO FUN! My favorite flavor is the Caramel Fleur du Sel (fancy name for salted caramel– lol). I’d say more but my mouth is going to be full in a second… 

One of the things that inspires my design is architecture– both old and new– my jewelry style is has a modern vintage feeling and combines both of those styles in a unique way. Here’s one of the coolest new sculptures in New York– and you can get tickets for free here— it’s really cool and looks like rose gold!

I’m also really influenced by nature– all the textures and shapes– and for me being in nature is so grounding because I grew up on 12 acres of farmland in NJ. I love going to this secret garden in the West Village because when you’re there you forget that you’re in a city with millions of people. The Barrow Street Garden is tucked away next to St. Luke’s in the Field Church. It’s so quiet and blissfully perfect. 

Whew, who’s hungry after all that walking?? 

*raises hand* Come with me to Little Spain, New York’s newest food hall. You can find it underneath the shopping mall next to The Vessel in Hudson Yards— or you can take the stairs down from the Highline to get there.

Once you get there, it’s like a circus hall filled with fried Spanish food! SO DELISH!

Now that we’ve eaten let’s head down to another hidden treasure: The Seaglass Carousel. It’s located in Battery Park City on the southern tip of Manhattan and it’s tucked away near the Hudson River. 

Stephanie found inspiration for The Seashell Collection at NYC’s Seaglass Carousel. 

You can see my inspiration for The Seashell Collection when you see the structure that houses the carousel and especially inside looking up.

Of course I can’t go all the way down there without taking a ride! I totally embrace my inner child as you can see.

Once you get off the carousel it’s just a few steps to the Hudson River where you can sit and watch ferries, boats and even see the Statue of Liberty!

Our final stop is at my favorite ice cream shop: Ample Hills Creamery. It started in Brooklyn but luckily for me they just opened one a few blocks from my apartment. My favorite flavor is “Snap, Mallow, Pop!” because it’s got chunks of Rice Krispie Treat wrapped in vanilla ice cream. It’s SO good.

Stephanie enjoying some ice cream at Ample Hills Creamery

Well that wraps up my tour of NYC! Hope you enjoyed seeing a little slice of how I spend my free time, and how there are so many great places in NYC just waiting to be discovered!

– Stephanie Maslow-Blackman, CEO of Metalicious

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