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Talking Passion With Janice Girardi

Born in Japan and raised in the U.S., designer Janice Girardi’s life has taken her all over the world. The journey of her life began during college with a trip to Australia. It was there that she first heard of Bali, Indonesia described by everyone as paradise with white sand beaches. Janice traveled throughout Southeast Asia throughout the early 1970’s, eventually making Bali her home. 

Janice is a passionate artist, inspired by the abundance of nature around her home, her passion for saving animals and an appreciation for the ancient influences around her. Her work is a symphony of brilliant colors and shape combinations that bring unique elements together, resulting in modern elegance and ancient drama.

Janice’s newest collection of Balinese jewelry will be available this August. Learn about her influences and passions in her own words below. 

– Tessa

As I sit and write this, I look around and am reminded of how very fortunate I am to have such beauty surrounding me. People ask me how I find the energy to keep going each day, with such a full workload of designing and producing jewelry in addition to the animal advocacy and rescue work that I do. The answer is the beauty of nature that surrounds me, all day, every day.

Janice Girardi is an animal advocate; founder & director of Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)

How can I not be inspired when all I see are magnificent colors, the changing of tropical seasons which are so subtle that it inspires me to blend colors naturally, subtly. My eyes open in the morning with a view over a river valley and on to the majestic Mt Agung volcano.

Mt Agung Volcano, the highest point on Bali.

I sit on the steps and look into the pond and see amazing shades of green leaves and twigs and algae, blending together from yellow to deep forest green, to shades of lime and the golden and deep browns that change and move before my eyes. Immediately I want to work with Peridot, Canadian jade, and smoky shades and blend them with leaf patterns around the stones.

I want to make the blend of blues come alive in a piece of jewelry that I see in the pools and stone tiles. I want to make the patterns of flowers and leaves around me into pieces of jewelry that people can wear to be reminded of the beauty of nature, to remind us to appreciate the mystery of creation.

Janice Girardi’s newest collection.
Janice Girardi’s newest collection.

– Janice Girardi

See Janice’s collection of Balinese jewelry on Silpada, and stay tuned for the release of her new collection this August.

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