A tale of two stones

New Metalicious Collections

Hear from artisan Stephanie Maslow-Blackman about the materials that inspired her unique new collections designed exclusively for Silpada

The Seashell Collection utilizes blue Larimar, a stone of serenity, communication, and relaxation, while every piece in The Sunburst Collection represents joy, warmth, and strength.

Read more below in Stephanie’s own words! 

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The Seashell Collection 

The Seashell Collection represents peace, calm and bliss. The inspiration for this collection are the seashells and teal blue water at the beach. With Summer coming to an end, I want to hold onto that feeling of zen I get as I listen to the ocean waves. Wearing pieces from this collection will help keep it close and get me through the fall and winter months. Each piece from The Seashell Collection features modern tiny silver turbo or nautilus shells. Larimar is a stone of serenity, communication, and relaxation.

Larimar has a silky blue appearance similar to the extraordinary blue color of the Caribbean sea and sky. 

Larimar is a rare gemstone that’s only found in one place in the world, a hard-to-reach, mountainous region in the Dominican Republic. It’s a rare type of pectolite that forms inside basaltic lava where it’s mined from old volcanoes.

The name Larimar comes from a combination of the words ‘Larissa’ and ‘Mar’, named for the daughter of the man who found it and the Spanish word for Sea.

Larimar is a stone of serenity, communication, and relaxation.

Switching gears to Stephanie’s second exclusive collection for Silpada, feast your eyes on the rich and fiery Sunburst Collection. Each piece in The Sunburst Collection represents joy, warmth, and strength.

The inspiration for this collection is the power of the sun like a burst of sunlight that can power through clouds on a rainy day this collection of jewelry will bring you joy as you wear or gift it. The silver is sculpted with a highly textured finish to represent the rays of the sun – similar to the sparkly flash of golden light that radiates from within each Sunstone. Sunstone is a stone of abundance, independence, and leadership.

Sunstone is a member of the feldspar family and is named for its warm shades of gold, orange and red that sparkle like the sun inclusions of goethite and hematite refract light between the crystal layers and produce an iridescent effect as the stone is viewed from various angles. 

That just means it has a glittery golden sparkle you won’t see in any other stone. Each gem is unique making your jewelry truly one of a kind!

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Learn More about Stephanie from our Q+A.

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