Meet the Silpada Merry Makers

Our Holiday Traditions

Can you feel the Holiday magic in the air? We can and we thought we would get a jumpstart on our Holiday Traditions. As new and old traditions begin to take place, we thought we would share some of the Silpada Team’s traditions amongst the Holidays. 

We asked team members to share new, old, and most beloved traditions over the holidays. Many of these traditions have been passed down from one generation to the next and others have just begun as new families are created. We hope that these sweet memories inspire you to come together and hold your loved ones closely during this special time. 

Igna Donahue, UX Designer

“We had been looking forward to meeting santa for WEEKS but as soon as we got there she froze. All she wanted to do was give him a hug!” 

Korcan, Designer 

“We all gather at my parent’s house, but for some reason our turkey always comes out of the oven very dry – we’ve tried a few tricks here and there, but still no success or perhaps Turks just can’t cook good Turkey. Oh well, we instead roast a chicken, grill some steaks and eat baklava.” 

Lee Sandorov, President 

“We usually host Thanksgiving and start around 3pm so the morning is spent cooking and prepping. The following day it’s always been wake up at 4am and go SHOPPING and hit the outlets early for the good deals!” 

The Pets of Silpada

We all know that our pets favorite time of the year is in the kitchen during the holidays. Who needs to spend money on a new fancy vacuum when you can have a vacuum and mop all in one cute furry ball? 

Cheers to Holiday Traditions! We would love to hear about your memories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

With Love, 

The Silpada Team

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