Let’s get heart-smart

Introducing WomenHeart

We’re devoting this February (a.k.a. Heart Awareness Month) to getting the Silpada sisterhood heart-smart, with help from the incredible people at WomenHeart.


  • Healthy mind, healthy heart (It’s all connected! Healthy diet and regular exercise will help both)
  • Know your risk factors and family history.
  • Know your numbers (Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar.)
  • Speak with your doctor – here is a list of questions to get you started. 
  • Learn the lingo – WomenHeart’s Glossary
  • Learn more on WomenHeart.org.

Why Heart-Health?

Short answer? We care about you! Did you know Heart disease is the #1 killer of women? The Silpada sisterhood is about empowering one another to be our best selves and of course our love of jewelry! We are at our best when we come together to act as a network of support.

Heart necklace

Why WomenHeart?

WomenHeart the National Coalition for women with heart disease, was a perfect match for Silpada‘s heart-month initiative for two reasons:

  • Their expertise
  • Our shared desire to create a supportive community of/for women

With more than 48 million women living with or at risk of heart disease, there is an increased need for WomenHeart to ensure communities have the support, education and advocacy services they need.

Now, in its 20th year, WomenHeart has successfully:

  • Developed the Champions Leadership Program – a national volunteer program that trains dedicated WomenHeart patients to be equipped to meet the needs of their heart sisters and women at risk at the local, state and national levels.
  • Trained more than 900 heart-disease-survivors as community educators via the WomenHeart Science & Leadership Symposium in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.
  • Created the Red Bag of Courage® program, placing educational information about women and heart disease directly into the hands of hundreds of thousands of women living with or at-risk for heart disease.


WomenHeart is the nation’s first and only patient-centered organization working to fight the #1 health risk of women. 

Here’s how you can join the effort: 

  • Donate to WomenHeart: Here.
  • Shop to give back – This month, Silpada is donating 50% of proceeds from select styles to Womenheart. Shop The Collection.
  • Become a WomenHeartChampion – Women with heart disease who have been trained to be the “boots on the ground” in the fight against heart disease. Learn how.
  • Spread awareness – Brush up on the facts and share them with friends. WomenHeart provides many great resources including a glossary of heart-health terms you should know and their own blog

For more opportunities visit WomenHeart.org


Silpada will donate 50% of proceeds from select styles to WomenHeart this February. Shop the Collection

If you would like to further support WomenHeart, you can do so here.


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