How we’re celebrating women’s month

By Celebrating Ourselves!

Happy March & Welcome to Women’s Month!

At Silpada, we care deeply about our community and consider all members friends. We’re passionate about supporting and building each other up. Women, especially, do so much for others, that we sometimes leave ourselves for last.

That’s why this month we’re honoring women by honoring ourselves! 

We’ve each committed to doing (at least) one thing JUST for us this March— and encourage you to do the same! We spoke to women in the Silpada community: coworkers, followers, partners at Living Beyond Breast Cancer & other organizations, to share the routines and rejuvenating rituals they use when they need to refresh and reset.

We hope these responses inspire you to start a self-love ritual of your own.

1. Lorraine

Lorraine, founder and CEO of Viva Fifty 

“What do I do that’s just for me? Make sure I sleep enough every night. Sleeping enough and sleeping well helps me function at my peak. (That’s also my best beauty and health tip!) I wear earplugs and an eye mask and do a little restorative yoga before bedtime. When I’m well-rested I’m better able to deal with life stressors and to be productive.”

Lorraine is the founder and CEO of Viva Fifty! a bilingual community that celebrates being 50+.  As well as a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a writer, an entrepreneur, and a yogini. Follow Lorraine’s journey on her blog. To learn more visit and @VivaFifty on Instagram.

2. Anna

Anna from LBBC

“My biggest self-care ritual is my bedtime routine. I get on my Pjs, wash my face and begin my lengthy skincare routine. Something about this helps me disconnect, process the day, and prepare for rest. It’s that essential me-time. Incorporating this into a regular part of my day ensures that I make time for myself and time to reflect and connect with my body. It helps me be a better mom, a better wife, and a better friend.”

Anna is a breast cancer survivor, a blogger and mom to an adorable 12-month-old. She loves inspiring women to thrive through adversity with style and self-confidence. Follow her journey at or on Instagram @mycancerchic

“As women, I feel like we are always so focused on caring for others that caring for ourselves falls to the wayside.”

– Anna

3. Betsy

Betsy in Silpada’s NYC office.

“I do love making sure that the people in my life are happy and feel cared for, which isn’t a bad thing… But, you must make sure you’re looking out for yourself first. Whether it’s going to yoga or seeing a movie by myself, in March I will commit to taking time out each day to do something that’s just for me.”

Betsy works in Silpada’s NY-based office. Keep up with us @SilpadaDesigns on Instagram and Facebook.

“…You got to make sure you’re looking out for yourself first.”

– Betsy

4. Jennifer

Jennifer in Silpada’s NYC office.

With the weather becoming warmer here in New York I will be able to take my dog for long walks again starting in March. Exercising outdoors is something I can commit to!”

Jennifer works in Silpada’s NY-based office. Keep up with us @SilpadaDesigns on Instagram and Facebook.

5. Dana 

Dana, founder of AnaOno Intimates.

“Self-care wasn’t always a challenge for me, but after cancer, it became increasingly more difficult. I kick off my mornings by getting to the gym and moving! It isn’t easy, and getting there can be the hardest part. Once I’m there and start moving, though I feel SO much BETTER! I focus on taking my time, being kind to myself and not setting too high of expectations so that I am not disappointed. I want to be healthy, and strong, and that’s the goal I’m always reminding myself to achieve.”

Dana is a 10-year breast cancer survivor who founded AnaOno Intimates after her mastectomy to help others like her reclaim their sexy, their strength, and to feel beautiful during their recovery and beyond. She is a board member at Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a breast cancer activist, and boss babe. Follow her journey on Instagram @DaynaDono + @AnaOnoIntimates.

– Tessa

Join the conversation

March is Women’s Month, let’s make it ME Month!

What practices do you use to refresh and restore yourself? We challenge YOU to commit to doing (at least) one thing just for you this March.

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