What does your sign say about you? Zodiac, birthstone and personalized jewelry to match your style

Let’s Get Personal with Jewelry

Does your sign match your personality, and what about birthstone meanings, is your sign the one you were destined to wear? Whether you’re someone who checks their horoscope daily or just a lover of accessories with a personal touch, these personalized pieces are, wait for it …..out of this world. 

Follow along for styling tips + see what jewelry you should be wearing, according to your zodiac sign. These personalized designs make great gifts for someone special (or for yourself!)”

Constellation Pendant

Zodiac Jewelry

All signs are pointing to yes, our zodiac necklace is the perfect addition to your necklace stack! These Constellation pendants let you go beyond your daily horoscope and can be a reminder of your powerful qualities! 

Style Tip: Create the perfect retro summer day outfit by elevating your white tee with a zodiac necklace! P.S. they’re now available in plated rose gold and plated gold! 

What kind of jewelry should you wear according to your Astrology sign? 

Let’s have some fun and see what the stars decide what jewelry might suit you or someone you’re gifting best! 

  • Aquarius has a free-spirited sense of style, always mixing things up! A mixture of gold and silver is perfect to pair with their style for the day. 
  • Pisces has a boho chic style and can always use a long pendant to go with a flowy dress! 
  • Aries is full of personality and loves a good bold statement piece to mix and match!
  • Taurus lives boldly with statement pieces but favors many classic pieces.
  • Gemini is all about delicate and minimalistic designs with a slight pop of color to show off their vibrant personalities. 
  • Cancer’s love all jewelry, especially if it holds meaning and sentimental value
  • Leo’s should look for creative and eclectic designs with a touch of gold. 
  • Virgo’s stick to the Simple Silver classic pieces that never go out of style
  • Libra is the trend setter of the friend group and is always on the hunt for the latest trends!
  • Scorpio’s always go back to the basics. The classic silpada silver pieces are perfect for any scorpio looking for some everyday pieces!
  • Sagittarius love to have fun with their style and can always use a pop of color in their outfit. Turquoise is a perfect start!
  • Capricorn’s are practical and versatile with their jewelry selection and love pieces that can take them from day to night.
Stamped Initial Pendant


Initial Necklaces have been the go to trend the past few seasons and are not going away anytime soon. Our Stamped Pendant disc has a textured element creating a unique Silpada look. 

Gifting tip: Need a Mother’s Day gift? Grab the first initials of her kids, mother, or spouse for a personalized gift. We promise she won’t be disappointed! 

Celebration Pendant
Celebration Pendant


A colorful and personalized touch! An everyday piece that can connect you with your loved ones. Swap birthstones with your sister, mother, or friend and have a piece of them with you throughout your day! 

What is the meaning of your birthstone stone? Are you destined to wear another stone? 

  • January
    • Garnet is a special stone and is loaded with sentiment. The stone is known to symbolize friendship and love. 
  • February 
    • Amethyst is known for bringing peace and protection to those that wear it. 
  • March 
    • Aquamarines bring serenity. It is a telltale that sailors used to carry around aquamarines with them on voyages to help keep them calm and get a good night’s rest! 
  • April 
    • Strength and Quartz go hand in hand. Not only is the stone itself one of the hardest minerals and resistant from many scratches and cracks. The stone can serve as a daily reminder to someone that no matter what is going on outside that they are strong on the inside! 
  • May 
    • The emerald is a sign of hope. As springtime finally arrives and winter is over the emerald is a symbol of starting a new chapter in life. 
  • June 
    • Alexandrite symbolizes love, coming in rare forms and many colors. It is believed to bring balance and good fortune to one’s life. 
  • July 
    • A ruby is most known for its deep red color that symbolizes purity. There is an old tale that if you rub a ruby onto one’s skin it will restore youth!
  • August 
    • The Peridot stone is the stone of compassion. It is believed that it will bring good health and balance one’s emotions.
  • September 
    • Lapis stone is deep in blue colors and is a softer stone. It is associated with honesty and wisdom. 
  • October 
    • Opals come in many different variations of coloring and are a sign of loyalty and faithfulness. 
  • November 
    • Citrine’s are rich in color carrying the power of the sun. They are known for bringing warmth and comfort into one’s life. 
  • December 
    • Turquoise stones are rare and there are no two stones that are the same! These unique stones are meant to be a symbol of friendship!
Celebration Five Stone Ring

Want to complete the look? Pair the birthstone pendant with a celebration ring and earrings.

Which look fits your style and personality?

We love to see your Silpada Style, share how you bring in personal elements into your style by tagging our Social Media accounts, @SilpadaDesigns on Facebook or Instagram! You can also add #MySilpada to your stories and posts. 

– Sammy

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