Silver Jewelry that Pairs Well With…

A guide to pairing silver jewelry with any outfit

An outfit is never complete without a hint of jewelry! This guide will show you simple ways to incorporate silver jewelry into your wardrobe staples. Whether you are headed to the grocery store or a wedding, spend less time contemplating your outfit and more time being confident in your look. We’ve got you covered! 

Little Black Dress

Crescent Drop Earrings and Sandbar Ring

The little black dress is a staple in almost every woman’s closet. This iconic outfit can be worn in many different fashions. Going to work? Throw on some drop earrings with your hair up! Out and about on the weekend? Throw a jean jacket on with minimalist styles. Going to a wedding? Grab the biggest statement pieces to elevate and complete the look. There really is no wrong way to accessorize with the Little Black Dress, so try something new and have fun styling! 

Jeans and a Tee

Full Circle Hoops and Double Spaced Ring.

Taking the “cute but comfy” up a notch! Whether it’s casual Friday at work or your weekend uniform, dress it up with minimalist jewelry and make it look effortless. Drop, hoop, or statement earrings help frame your face, so you can look and feel your best even when you’re dressing casual.


Karma Earrings and Cascade Range Ring

There is nothing wrong with wearing a little athleisure outside of the gym. Our lives are busy and sometimes there is no time for just a smidge too-tight jeans or those heels that make the balls of your feet ache. Take your athleisure to the street with a touch of simple jewelry. Pieces like the Marvel Necklace or Karma Earrings are perfect finishing touches to separate your workout gear from your streetwear.


Balancing Act Drop Earrings and Catuskoti Ring

Spring and summer have arrived and florals are in full swing. For all of the bold hearted this spring, silver jewelry is a great way to accessorize but not overdo it. When it comes to wearing patterns, have two schools of thought —for a bold look, pair jewelry in the shape of your outfit’s print—like these floral-shaped styles. For more of a minimalist touch, opt for simple silver accents, like our Karma styles, which go with any outfit you throw together. 


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– Sammy

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