The New and Improved Silpada Brand Ambassador Program

Learn More + Earn More + Join a Community of Women 

Are you someone who is enthusiastic about Silpada jewelry; who is digitally savvy, looking for a way to partner together, to sell jewelry, and earn commissions? We are looking for hard working, sales driven people with a network of customers that can be tapped in to. Do you enjoy posting on social media and creating quality relationships with customers? Are you passionate about jewelry? Great, this program is perfect for you! 

As an ambassador you will be supported fully by our digital marketing team. You have the opportunity to earn commission on all orders including your own! You will be the first to know about any promotions, sales and launches. Gain access to marketing tips and tools and special initiatives just for your customers. We have a collaborative team of women supporting each other in their journeys building their very own Silpada communities!

Program Highlights: 

  • You will receive a 30% commission for any first time customer orders (60 day referral window and excludes gift card purchases)
  • You will receive a 20% commission for any subsequent purchases you drive from your customers (60 day referral window and excludes gift card purchases)
  • You must meet a $1000 quarterly sales goal to remain an ambassador
  • Customers that order through you will receive an additional 5% discount on any sale or full price items.
  • If a customer returns an order within the return window your commission will be deducted.  
  • You will have access to promotional assets, tracking management, an ambassador support network, and customer and commission reporting
  • Please note, from time to time we may have to change these details at our discretion

Ambassador Testimonials 

I was looking for something “on the side” to boost my income. Silpada gave me that fun opportunity… and along with that, a sense of empowerment ♥️ I love being able to help all of us to feel beautiful, connecting with people and spreading “joy with jewelry.”

– Angela Owens

What I love about being a Silpada Ambassador is not only being able to represent a strong company with a strong brand but being able to share well designed jewelry pieces with women who appreciate quality and style. As a stylist, I love creating layered looks for my clients that speak to their specific style and individuality.  Whether it’s a boho chic look or a polished professional, being an ambassador provides me the freedom to connect to my customers on many levels no matter where I am or what time of day it is.

– Nancy Lambros

As a Silpada Brand Ambassador I have been thrilled to continue representing a line of jewelry I have loved passionately for 13 years. The beautiful craftsmanship, unique design and high quality of Silpada jewelry sets it apart from all others. When I am out and about wearing my Silpada, I attract new customers!

– Janis Simon

Although meeting new women and witnessing their friendships at home parties was the backbone of my business for many years, I witnessed the climate shift of my direct sales business. Being able to transition to a digital based program was a welcome change! We all know that online shopping is now common practice and a multi-billion dollar industry. Representing a company that continues to produce beautiful, artisan sterling silver (plus gold!) and semi-precious gemstone jewelry allows me to continue to provide my customers with a product that they love while still offering the same support they would have in-person. I feel lucky to be learning new digital skills while still communicating with customers who love Silpada like I do.

– Laura Bolson

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