Artisan Month Has Arrived!

All New Styles and the Women Who Designed Them

Welcome to our third annual Artisan Month, our month-long celebration of female creators and artisan jewelry!

Shop all our artisan jewelry on Silpada.com!

This year, in addition to highlighting female artisans, we’re giving back! 

Together We Are Stronger. 

This year, we’ve partnered with the JUST organization to support underserved female entrepreneurs. 40% of Artisan Jewelry Sales will be donated to JUST’s COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund. Learn more here.

Help us reach our $20K goal! Learn about our partnership with the JUST organization here.

Learn more about our partnership here.

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Behind the Bench: Our Artisans

Shop all our artisan jewelry on Silpada.com.

We sat down (virtually) with each of our artisans for insight into their style inspiration, artistic processes, life during COVID-19, and everything leading up!

Barbara from Évocateur, Nancy Nelson, and Marcia Moran.

We’re introducing three new artisans this year! Meet Barbara from Évocateur, Nancy Nelson, and Marcia Moran.

New this year!

Barbara of Évocateur

Barbara designs wearable art using 22K gold leaf and sterling silver leaf.
Read her interview with Silpada!

Meet Barbara Ross-Innamorati, president and founder of Évocateur, and one our new artisans of 2020! 

Shop Barbara’s styles for Silpada today!

Get a sneak peek at her design process and learn more in Barbara’s interview! 

Read Barbara’s Interview here.

Shop Barbara’s Collection here.

Marcia Moran

Say hello to Marica! Marica is a full-time mom who started her business in her living room. Take a tour of her contemporary Brazilian styles and stay tuned for our interview coming later this month.

Read Marcia’s Interview here.

Shop Marcia’s Collection here.

Nancy Nelson 

Shop Nancy’s styles on Silpada.com

Meet Nancy! Nancy’s jewelry is inspired by nature and designed to make women feel renewed, grounded, and beautiful. Read about her process, nestled in her forest home in the Appalachian Mountains, and shop her collection of sophisticated, fluid silver statements.

Stay tuned for Nancy’s styles! (Coming soon to Silpada.com)

Stay tuned for our interview with Nancy! (Coming Soon) 

Welcome Back Familiar Faces!

Stephanie of Metalicious 

Shop Stephanie’s styles on Silpada.com

Stephanie, the founder and head metalsmith at Metalicious has been making jewelry for over 20 years. One of the questions she’s regularly asked is “How do you do that!?” Get a behind-scenes-look at her process on our blog:

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Stephanie’s Studio! Here.

Shop Stephanie’s Collection here.

Read Stephanie’s Story here.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Metalicious Studio! Here.

Silvi Rozenfeler

Shop Silvi’s new and best-selling styles on Silpada.com.

Silvi is back with new styles! Explore her textured, geometric jewelry and read about her journey from OR nurse to designer.

Shop Silvi’s Collection here.

Read Silvi’s Story here.

Efrat Saada Limor

Shop Efrat’s styles on Silpada.com

Efrat creates some of our most-loved Silpada styles! Shop her collection (including new styles!) and learn about the unique materials she uses to create her jewelry.

Shop Efrat’s Collection here.

Learn about Roman Glass on our blog.

Janice Girardi

Shop Janice’s styles on Silpada.com.

Janice is back with a new line of jewelry! Explore and read about how her travels inspire her Balinese jewelry. 

Shop Janice’s Collection here

Read Janice’s Story here.

Charu Jain

Charu designed some of our most-loved styles, like The Lakeside Ring! Shop her collection on Silpada.com.

Charu is the designer of our Lakeside Ring, and other most-loved Silpada styles. Shope her collection and read our interview!

Shop Charu’s Collection here.

Read Charu’s Story here.

Join The Celebration!

Learn more about our partnership with JUST and how together we can empower female entrepreneurs: Here.

Explore all our artisan styles on Silpada.com!

Shop them here.

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– Tessa 

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