How Do You Hoop?

Silpada’s Guide to Choosing The Right Size Hoop Earrings

The iconic hoop earring is more on-trend than ever! With universally flattering silhouettes and tons of variations to choose from it can seem daunting to find the perfect pair. 

Deciding Which Hoop Is Right for You  

There are a couple of things to consider when you’re picking your pair: 

1 – Your Lifestyle!

Choose earrings that you’ll be able to wear regularly to make the most of your jewelry budget.

Small (20mm and under) to medium (30mm-35mm) sized hoops with minimal embellishments are great for casual everyday wear, from running errands to meeting friends.

For a pop of color, choose a pair with a removable charm, (Like our Soleil Turquoise Drop Huggie Hoops), or colorful gemstone accents (Like our Soleil Studded Huggie Hoops).

Hoop variations
Add interest by opting for hoops with details like a textured metal finish or inlay details.

If you’re looking for that extra WOW factor, add a pair of extra-large hoops to your wardrobe. Or, if you’re more of an early-morning sunrise-hike kind of person, then simple huggie style earrings that hug your earlobe might make the most sense.

2 – Your Personal Style

For the fashionista with fierce street-wear style, a pair of large hoops (in both length and diameter) is a wardrobe essential. Someone with a more tailored style will get a ton of use out of high-quality minimalist hoops in gold or silver. If you’re already a hoop connoisseur, start filling out your collection with new sizes.

3 – Get Familiar with Sizes

Hoops vary in drop (jewelry-speak for the distance from your earlobe to the end of the earring) – from mini hoops that hug your ears to statement-making ones that graze your shoulders.

Hoop earrings are available in a wider range of sizes than almost any other piece of jewelry.

We know it can be difficult to visualize how big some of the hoops are from a picture and a number of millimeters. So here’s a cheat sheet:

Earring Size (mm/in)   ComparisonPerfect For…Pair to Try
8mm and underKids and Teens; Second, Third or Cartilage Pericings
10mm (.39in)
12mm (.47in)Mini Hoops, Teens, Cartilage PiercingsSilpada Soleil Huggie Hoops
17.91mm (.7in)10 Cent (Dime)Small Hoops
19.05mm (.75in)1 Cent (Penny)Small HoopsSilpada Lune Hoop Earrings
21.21mm (.84in)5 Cents (Nickel)Small Hoops
24.26mm (.95in)25 Cents (Quarter)On smaller side, but noticeableSilpada Bare Circle Hoop Earrings
25.4mm (1in)On smaller side, but noticeableSilpada Classico Hoop Earrings
30 – 35mm (1.18in)Perfect MediumSilpada Full Circle Hoop Earrings
40mm (1.57in)A Golf BallNoticable, but not overpowering.
45-50mm (1.77-2in)Classic Large HoopSilpada Essential Hoop Earrings
60mm-75mmMaking a Statement
76mm+A BaseballIn a League of Your Own!

Once you know what size, you’re ready for styling.

Going Solo

If you’re new to the trend, consider starting somewhere in the middle with an ‘average size’ hoop (approx 35mm) to get used to the weight and feel. Classic hoops look great with anything from a little black dress to a jeans and a baseball cap. 

Try the Silpada Full Circle Hoop Earrings for textured simplicity.

Add interest by opting for hoops with details, like a textured metal or inlay details. Even pairs as small as huggies come with embellishments, like removable charms, so that even the littlest accessories make a big splash.

Get Set

Have multiple ear piercings? Petite hoops and huggies (8mm-15mm) make perfect second piercings and great additions to your ear stack.

Pair hoops in different finishes –

– or layer different size hoops for a graduated effect.

Simple white or gold hoops are eternally classic.

Mini hoops also work well in cartilage, tragus, and other piercings beyond the lobe. (For more Huggie Hoop Inspiration, read this blog post.)

Hoop Dreams

From smooth and polished to hammered and edgy, tubular to flat, humungous to teeny — there’s a pair of hoops to complement every style out there. Wear what makes you feel your best!

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For more ear stack inspo (and to share your own) check out #SilpadaStyle and follow @SilpadaDesigns.

– Tessa

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