How to Wear Chain Jewelry With Style

The fall jewelry trend everyone is loving

If you close your eyes and think of the words, ‘chain jewelry,’ you miiight have visions of chunky, attention-grabbing gold links adorning the necks of celebrities like Mr. T. 

While those certainly have a special place in our hearts (and history books), the chain trends of today have a come a long way. They’re an instant way to add intensity and shine to any outfit. From micro to oversized, plain to bedazzled, the versatility of chains gives them universal appeal. 

Read on for chain-styling inspiration from our team.

Graceful Herringbone 

If you’re looking to add chains into your wardrobe for the first time, here’s a great place to start. Whereas most chains are tubular or round, the herringbone chain lays flat, giving it a distinct and understated elegance.

We love Herringbone for a couple of reasons. First, its vintage appeal – these were huge in the 80s leading to the mass popularity of chain jewelry.

Silpada Sterling Silver Jewelry - Herringbone Chain Necklace.
NEW Silpada Herringbone Circle Necklace Sterling Silver

Another reason – they’re comfortable! Herringbone chains are fluid and flexible because of their many links; lying flat against the skin for a comfortable wear. And finally, because they’re brilliant! Herringbone chain gives a substantial look at a smaller price. Its flatness makes it wider than other types of chain of the same weight.

Simple-But-Statement Chains

We love a big statement chain! Create contrast by adding a chunky chain necklace or chain bracelet to your outfit. 

Silpada Linked Away Bracelet. Shop sterling silver bracelets and more chain jewelry on Silpada.
Let your jewelry pop by wearing a monochromatic outfit. Wearing the Linked Away Bracelet.

We recommend wearing solid-colors with your chains as patterns and bright colors can distract from your brilliant accessories. 

*Pro tip* Use chain jewelry to transform formalwear into everyday-wear! Toughen up any prim and proper outfit with a chain necklace and a casual hairstyle.

The Art of The Mix (Mix Your Metals!)

Double up on shine with mixed-metals. Try separate layers in different metal finishes (pictured below) or put on a two-tone chain for a one-and-done accessory. A super simple way to add interest to any outfit.

A single chain looks great worn with a plain white T-shirt – or layer some together for a more complex aesthetic.

It Takes Two (Or Three)

We love a well-executed layered look, and chain jewelry is no exception!

Layering’s another way to ease into the chain trend. Start by incorporating a single chain style in with your favorite jewelry classics – pair a chain necklace with your favorite pendant, then fill in gaps with different lengths. Minimalist styles like our Marvel and Allium Necklaces will help to integrate your chain jewelry into the rest of your stack.

How to style chain jewelry. Styling chain jewelry. Layered chain necklaces and sterling silver jewelry from Silpada. Featuring Golden Oval Necklace, and more.
Locked and layered. (There’s no such thing as too many chains.)

If subtly is not your style – mix and match different chain and link jewelry for a locked and layered look!

Small but impactful

If you’re still not sure the chain aesthetic is right for you – go for something unexpected. 

Sterling silver chain link ring from Silpada. Styling tips for sterling silver jewelry and sterling silver chain links.
Explore sterling silver jewelry and chains on Silpada.com (Pictured: Silpada Chain Link Ring)

For understated style, pair our Chain Link Huggies and Chain Link Ring with a monochromatic outfit. It’s a great matching moment that also gives a subtle edge to your look.

Just like the ring, chain huggies are a fun detail when you look up close, but one that won’t overpower your outfit.

When shopping for the right chain jewelry, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Type of jewelry (chain necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings)
  • Length of the chain
  • Chain link style
  • Bedazzled or ‘plain’? 
  • Metal color
  • With or without a pendant

Whatever you choose, chains aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Explore our collection of chain jewelry and find the piece that speaks to you!

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– Tessa

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