Meet the Designers Behind Our Think Pink Collection

Silpada x LBBC Styles That Give Back

This October, we’ve partnered again with Living Beyond Breast Cancer an organization that shares our mission to nourish a female-focused community of trusted resources and support. We have had a special opportunity this year to collaborate with four women from LBBC to bring their jewelry designs to life! 

40% of sales from our Think Pink Collection will go to LBBC. Meet the extraordinary women behind these special pieces! 

(For styles that give back, look for this ribbon icon!)

Meet Shealyn

First up, we met with Shealyn (aka Shea) and asked her to share a little about herself, her recovery journey, and the inspiration behind her styles for Silpada. Here’s what we learned!

Discover Shea’s designs for our Think Pink Collection here. 

Shea lives in Philadelphia with her husband and border collie where she works for a non-profit focused on positive global change. Her breast cancer diagnosis at 29 years old has impacted every area of her life. Now, She works with LBBC to raise awareness and education for treatment. She became a Leadership Volunteer for their Helpline providing peer support for other women who have been diagnosed.

“Sunflowers came to embody the light inside me that I refused to let extinguish even in my darkest hours.” – Shealyn

Shea’s designs for Silpada was inspired by her favorite bloom, the sunflower,

“The symbol of a sunflower guided me, reminding me to grab on tightly to the light I had been fighting so hard to keep burning.” She explained, “On cloudy days, they [sunflowers] turn toward one another to share their energy.”

Shea has leaned on her trusted support system during recovery, and, just like the sunflower, they shared their light with her until I could find my own again.

Meet Lucia

Hear from Lucia about her connection with LBBC, why she thinks their work is so important, and what influenced her. Click here to see her design for Silpada.

Lucia, a senior at Syracuse University, was connected to LBBC through a family friend. She says she is appreciative to have been exposed to everything the organization has to offer.

She told us why breast cancer awareness is so important to her, 

My aunt and my grandmother on my mom’s side both had breast cancer so the fear of having it and the need to be extra vigilant about testing is prevalent in my family. Both women are extremely tough and resilient who have shown how breast cancer hasn’t stopped them from living their lives to the fullest.

For Lucia, being a part of such an inclusive and positive community like LBBC has been empowering and exhilarating. 

Having breast cancer or knowing someone who has had it should not be something dealt with alone, and having this community I feel will really help a lot of women who are struggling.

Shop Lucia’s design, The Ray Of Hope Ring on Silpada.com

For her Silpada style, Lucia wanted to design a piece that represents strength, unity, and resilience. She chose rhodochrosite stone, known for emotional healing, compassion, and new beginnings. In the ring, the stone is suspended over a gap in the band and holds everything together, a symbol of strength and power.

Shop Think Pink Collection >

Meet Jenny 

Every day, I write down five things I am grateful for, and right now, I have to thank BC every day because it means I am alive.” – Jenny

Jenny is a writer, yogi, mother, wife, sister, friend, and 49 year-old-woman living with breast cancer. She shared her relationship with Cancer with us in her own, beautiful words:

“I am ‘living with’ metastatic BC, and what that implies. BC and I are in a relationship; we do everything together! BC is now my life-partner, so when we get in a fight, it’s ugly but when we make up, it’s wonderful! We co-parent and take naps together. We drive over the speed limit and sometimes sip top-shelf tequila. So there’s no past tense, no ‘ed,’ BC is my life! And my life is full and rich and abundant. It’s not without sadness, heartbreak, and pain, but it’s full of laughter, jokes, deep friendships and family, and loads of joy! Every day, I write down five things I am grateful for, and right now, I have to thank BC every day because it means I am alive.”

Jenny was connected with LBBC after her first diagnosis and says the community has had a profound impact on her healing journey. Since then, she’s participated in dozens of LBBC programs, including being trained as a Helpline Volunteer; being a team captain for Reach & Raise; a spokesperson for Not One Type; a writer for LBBC’s blog; yoga instructor to the staff; meeting other amazing women; attending annual events; and more.

Jenny spoke to us about the meaning behind her designs for Silpada,

“Circles are the perfect form of birth, life, death, rebirth. An eternal cycle, with no beginning and no end, and one of the earliest symbols of womanhood. The circles are individual, but connected, symbolizing the interconnectedness of communities and relationships.”

*Special Treat: Yoga on Facebook Live*

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Meet Donna 

I believed that we could make a bigger difference, we could magnify awareness and put faces to this terrible disease.”

Donna is a wife, and mother who spent over a decade as the president of White House Black Market. She is passionate about making a difference in women’s lives. Donna spoke with us about why she joined the fight, 

“I lost my cousin to breast cancer at a very young age. She was older than me and I idolized her. After her second daughter was born she was diagnosed with breast cancer but kept her the battle with her illness private. I sat with her the night before she passed and that experience left an indelible mark on my heart. I promised that I would fight the fight for her.”

Donna was introduced to LBBC in 2007 through their existing relationship with White House Black Market and says all it took was the first fundraiser, to know it was a perfect fit—“the stories, the commitment, the heart, and meeting the women like my cousin that face every day with such strength.” Working with LBBC has been an opportunity for Donna to make a difference in a very big way.

Donna’s design for Silpada was inspired by 25 incredible women she met, who she called her “Forever 25.” At the time, Donna was President of WHBM and planning the company’s 25th anniversary. With the help of LBBC, they chose 25 survivors to share their stories and be the faces of Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

“I spent two days with these women in NY. I cried with them, I laughed with them, and we celebrated the beauty of each of their beings. Those 25 women and their lives became forever entwined that day and all connected by one heart – mine.”

The Heart Of The Matter Cuff Bracelet inspired by Donna’s “Forever 25”

My bracelet design is a symbol of the seamless and timeless connection felt between beautiful and uniquely individual women, all connected by that one heart.”

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October 2020

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Oct 9: Meet the Designers

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Oct 16: Yoga on Facebook Live

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Oct 21: Silpada x LBBC Wellness Panel

Join us for a live panel discussion with our designers from LBBC!

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Every Bit Helps

40% of proceeds from our Think Pink Collection will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer this October to support the fight against breast cancer.

Thanks for your support – every $1 makes a difference!


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