Women’s Month: The Importance of Self-Care and Supporting Others

This month, we’re raising our proverbial glasses to women. To the women we know, the women we don’t, the women we are, and the women we aspire to be. 

Supporting and empowering women has always been a pillar of Silpada’s core. Also, we recognize that Women’s Month is the perfect time to look at our collective communities and make efforts to uplift others…but how?  

With so many worthy female-centric causes, landing on one was no easy task. After some reflection, we realized that mental health and self-care are two crucial but often ignored issues for women. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 1 in 5 women in the United States has mental health problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or an eating disorder. While these issues are difficult for all women, women of color are especially hard hit. From a lack of access and funding to cultural stigma, they faced a great multitude of hurdles. So we set out to look for an impactful way we could help, and what we found was The Loveland Foundation

Loveland Foundation

It’s an organization committed to communities of color, focusing on Black women and girls. We love that they prioritize opportunity, access, validation, and healing through therapy, fellowships, residency programs, and so much more. 

The rise of powerful ideas sometimes starts with a dream and crowd-funding. Such was the case when Rachel Cargle started her birthday fundraiser, Therapy for Black Women and Girls. She firmly believed that black women and girls deserve access to healing and that such access would have a positive impact on generations to come.

What followed made history. Rachel Cargle raised over $250,000, and this success brought to life The Loveland Foundation in 2018. It not only made it possible for Black women and girls nationally to receive support through therapy, but it worked towards removing the stigma of getting mental help. Today, the organization continues its goals of contributing to the empowerment and liberation of those they serve. To learn more, check out this short video. 

To help them with their philanthropic goals, throughout March, Silpada is donating 40% of profits from select charitable styles to The Loveland Foundation. You can shop now to support this powerful cause. 

Continuing on that present topic of mental health, we started considering women as a whole. Are we putting enough effort into our own mental state and self-care? Do we take the time we need for ourselves? 

From being powerhouses at work to working overtime at home, we can almost say with certainty that women today (especially this past year) are tackling more than ever before. While we know that some of this is necessary in these unprecedented times, we also knew that there were ways women could live happier, healthier, less stressful lives. 

To guide us, we went searching for professionals who could help us help our sisterhood. Our pursuit led us to Florida-based Licensed Mental Health Counselor Samantha Banilover, LMHC. Specializing in anxiety, stress, and burn-out, she was the perfect expert to help us better understand these conditions and how best we can cope. She graciously offered to put together a video of valuable coping tips, and we’re sharing it with you! 

We encourage our sisters to take a moment (or several!) for themselves and watch this quick and beneficial video. 

All these great tips started us thinking—what other things make us feel better? Yoga? Taking a walk? Then, an idea formed—Music. When we’re upset, we lean on music. When we’re happy, we celebrate with music. When we need a distraction, we use music. So why can’t music help us with stress? Turns out it can.

We interviewed Music Therapist and friend, Michele deSouza MT-BC, and she confirmed that music is a fantastic self-care method. During our in-depth conversation, she taught us about the science behind music therapy. (Boy, did we learn a lot!) From melodies to engage your nervous system to the benefits of dance, she shared her advice to help you say goodbye to tension and anxiety. And who doesn’t want that? So pick your favorite tunes, keep an eye out for our useful tips weekly on Instagram, and get ready for those feel-good vibes you so rightfully deserve! 

Speaking of fun things to do, we reached out to our community on social media and asked them to share a story or photo of the women in their lives that have inspired them. The contributions we received were touching and heartfelt, and our team here at Silpada loved hearing from all of you! We wanted to spotlight a few of our favorites to pass on the celebratory feeling: 

“My beautiful daughters. They’ve inspired me to be the best mom I can be and to strive to be the best! As a single mom, I went back to school for them for a better life and became a nurse. I am forever great full for their beauty, intelligence, and drive to serve others. They are gonna change the world.” – Amy J. 

“My niece. She is a great Mom, a devoted wife, a loving and caring relative, and a dedicated nurse. Even through the pandemic, she has been true to all her roles.” – Leti S. 

“My Aunt. She’s an amazing friend, wife, confidante, caregiver (to her husband), and human. Always there for others, even when she is ill.” – Rachel B. 

Want to celebrate the women in your life that inspire you? Follow us @silpadadesigns and share your story today! We are looking to feature more wonder(ful) women in our future content. 

After talking to all those experts and hearing your stories, we started looking at our own business and challenged ourselves to discover a fun and stylish way to improve mental wellness. We wanted something lighthearted, beautiful, and inspiring. Enter our new natural stone pendants, perfect for those looking to improve their aura. Each one features a beautiful natural stone that helps promote either the creation of positive energy or forms of healing. You can choose agate to help harmonize body, mind, and spirit or rose quartz to boost love and harmony—there’s no wrong choice because these styles are truly super natural! Check out these new additions when they launch shortly. 

This month may be the designated time to appreciate women, but let that love and kindness flood into the rest of the year. Because women aren’t just amazing in March, we’re amazing ALWAYS. 

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