Leaving a Green Legacy

Silpada’s Partnership With One Tree Planted

Community Matters

At Silpada, on top of sharing our love for sterling silver jewelry, we’re committed to fostering a supportive community. One where generations of women can share their interests, their vision of the future, and the responsibility to create the world we wish to live in.

We are inspired regularly by the generosity we see from our sisters. Our community has raised tens of thousands of dollars in recent years for those in need (learn more here.) With Earth Day approaching, we were motivated to look beyond our local community and make a change on a global scale. 

Trees are powerful instruments in the fight against global warming.We encourage our customers to pass their favorite jewelry on to the next generation—what if we could leave an even greater gift to future generations?

We decided the best thing we can do today to plan for tomorrow is to take care of our shared home—Earth. 

Planting Seeds of Hope 

We’re thrilled to announce our amazing partners, One Tree Planted, a non-profit environmental charity with a mission to plant, protect, and restore forests. For every piece sold from our curated collection, we will donate the cost to grow one tree! 

This organization was the perfect partner to help us show our appreciation to Mother Earth, to our current community members, and to their children and generations to come.

These five new pendants were exclusively designed for our partnership and will continue to give back all year.

Protecting our planet starts with you! Your tree will grow in one of two planting sites in Canada and one in the US. Every tree planted makes a positive difference for nature, wildlife, and people! Help us grow a healthy future.

Growing Air – The amount of oxygen produced by an acre of trees each year provides air for 18 people annually.

Time For An Afternoon Scroll

Our new collection includes five new pendants exclusively designed for our partnership with One Tree Planted. For every pendant sold, we will donate the cost to plant one tree (*all year long!).

Every Pendant Sold = One Tree Planted. Shop these pendants here.

Put your green thumb to use…

Click to explore our new Earth Month Collection. Every style sold = one tree planted!

Spread awareness and give back.

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

In 2020, One Tree Planted surpassed over 11 million trees planted worldwide!

Your purchase today will be a tree for the next generation!

Why We Should ALL Be Tree-Huggers

Trees are beautiful; they provide much-wanted shade, and they’re fun to climb, but do you why they’re so essential? Here are just a few benefits from TreePeople.org that show just how amazing they are:

  • Trees Grow Clean Air – They remove pollution from the atmosphere, turning carbon dioxide into pure oxygen we all depend on.
  • Trees Provide Clean Water – They collect rainfall, filter it through their roots and soil, and release it slowly into streams and rivers, reducing the impact of water pollution.
  • Trees Cool – Forests act like the planet’s air conditioning system and keep the planet cool.
  • Trees Heal – Studies show patients with views of trees outside of their windows heal faster and with fewer complications.
  • Trees Are Habitats for Wildlife – They provide shelter for birds, animals, and insects from weather and enemies. Even dead trees provide shelter for many insects.
  • Trees Conserve Energy – They can reduce the demand for heating and air conditioning, thereby reducing emissions associated with power production. 
  • Trees Provide Food – Trees provide food in the form of fruits, nuts, leaves, bark, and roots. Even dead trees provide food for many insects.
  • Trees Are Communal –Trees talk to each other, commune, and look after their offspring. (Read details below!)

Wait—trees have social networks? Yes! 

Our favorite tree-trivia: Studies show that trees of the same species have evolved to live in cooperative, interdependent relationships (Just like us!) They share water and nutrients through underground networks and can even send distress signals about drought and disease, insect attacks, and other threats. 

Plant seeds of hope for the current generation, and all those to come!

Plant seeds of hope for the current generation, and all those to come!

This Earth-Month (and every month), take a *leaf* from Mother Nature’s book and be like trees: Give back, take care of our planet, and look out for each other. 

– Tessa

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