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Shopping for artisan jewelry at Silpada means that you’re buying a piece with an inspired backstory and a high level of craftsmanship. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to add something special to their look and jewelry collection. In addition, every piece purchased contributes to the success of a female entrepreneur’s small business and helps make her dreams come true. (Our favorite part of artisan jewelry!)

Artisan market

From our origins, Silpada has always had a long history and deep respect for artisans and the work they do. Fast forward almost two decades, and we’ve only built on that sentiment, becoming a destination for artisan jewelry. We’ve worked with a number of artisans throughout the years and in 2021—we’ve decided we need to think bigger

Combining our passion for empowering women in all aspects of their lives with our commitment to female artisans, we’ve created The Artisan Market, an evergreen virtual marketplace. It’s where we will partner with gifted artisans and bring their gorgeous work to our community. 

Here are some of the talented women you’ll meet there right now. Each has their own story, history, inspirations—and they can’t wait to share it all with the Silpada community! Get ready to learn more about this year’s unique collection. 

Working From The Heart: Stephanie of Metalicious

Stephanie of Metalicious

As a veteran silversmith, Stephanie Maslow Blackman is no stranger to using life experiences and emotions to inspire her work. This past year has been different and sometimes challenging for all of us, but she has turned these trying moments into something wonderful. She lives her life grounded in gratitude.

Being grateful is one of the best ways to get through hard times. I would go back to thinking about what I have, instead of what I don’t have. I was humbled by the front-line workers who put their lives on the line for mine, for their communities, and for the world. I was lucky to be able to spend more time with my kids, my mom, my brother, and my husband—and that we all remained healthy. I am grateful for the internet for keeping me connected to friends, clients, and family…

This profound reflection brought about her new collaboration with us. 

I created the Clarity Collection. As we move through the pandemic, many of us are searching for lucidity– around our families, our careers, our future. The pieces in this collection are like armor, with a hammered texture that has a bright shine to it. I designed it to be protective but also to provide light and hope.

The ancient technique used to create the hammered texture in these pieces is combined with intricate, oxidized beading, creating a contrasting surface that resembles armor—proof of the warriors and survivors we all are. Stephanie’s favorites in this collection are the bangles and cuffs because they can each represent a small or insignificant moment in life, but when stacked together, the larger impact is very apparent.

Metalicious jewelry

Speaking of larger impacts, Stephanie also shared with us her experience as a female in this business and how she has overcome hurdles.

Being a woman in the jewelry industry has been quite a journey. It’s very much a male-dominated industry (and it’s refreshing to see that is slowly changing). I spent my early years being patronized and talked down to, being sexually harassed and treated like I was an idiot. But I aligned myself with other women and mentors who would talk me through these situations, or even go to bat for me—because they believed in me. Choosing the right support system is key. 

In addition, trusting my intuition and staying true to myself has been the most important part of my success. Regardless of how I’m treated, I still show up with confidence in myself and my abilities. I know what I am capable of and I won’t let anything stop me. 

I also think about the young women just starting their businesses and that may be the path I am forging will make it just a little bit easier for them. We each have a ripple effect on the people and the world around us that is created by the choices we make. My choices in business are important because they don’t just affect me, but the women who come after me.

We love how empowered Stephanie is in the face of challenges. She shared that she would love to grow her business in the future so she can create more jobs, give back to her community, and make customers happy. With her positive attitude, we are sure there is a bright future ahead for Metalicious

To learn more about Stephanie, check out our previous interview or follow her @metaliciousjewelry

Shop her collection now.

Nurtured By Nature: Marcia of Marcia Moran

Marcia of Marcia Moran

Brazil-born and now a Californian transplant, Marcia Moran gets her inspiration from the beauty of nature and her travels. Many of us have spent what time we could outside this past year, and Marcia was no exception. She learned to adapt and work in different environments and used this to her advantage.

While spending more time in nature and walking on the beach, I realized that I could use the organic look of nature in the new collection.

She crafted her new pieces in this collection to show off the beauty of imperfections only found in nature. 

(My favorite aspect is) the organic fluid-looking bubbles, showing off the asymmetric details.

Marcia Moran's jewelry

Her love for the unique extends past her designs—she has this advice for anyone looking to be an artisan: 

Be creative, and do not be afraid to create different and special things.

Inspiring words from an inspiring woman who feels that one of the best things about being an artisan is creating things that make people feel good and beautiful. And if that’s not an uplifting sentiment, we don’t know what is! 

To learn more about Marcia, check out our previous interview or shop-marciamoran.com

Shop her collection now.

Nursing A Family Business: Silvi

Silvi Rozenfeler

Originally an OR (operating room) nurse, Silvi Rozenfeler, started her jewelry business by accident…literally. While recovering from a car accident, she took up jewelry-making and eventually turned it into a family-run business. Being an artisan to her means dreaming up beautiful jewelry and making it real. After two decades in the industry, she offers a piece of advice for budding artisans. 

Be true to your art but listen carefully and be open-minded to every response, even if it’s not flattering.

It’s advice she, herself, follows. True to her own nurse’s heart, she was recently motivated to create by an altruistic inspiration. 

….To feel inspired and to feel hope during the pandemic. During hard times, jewelry can elevate your spirits and make you happy.

Crafted with thoughtfulness, her new collection is a combination of rich hues and unique silhouettes. Her favorite part of designing these pieces was injecting color with semi-precious stones and two-tone techniques. 

Silvi Rozenfeler's jewelry

Through her designs, she hopes to tell others a simple but essential message…

Be happy, live good

We absolutely love the sentiment because it’s the positive energy the world needs right now. 

To learn more about Silvi, check out our previous interview

Shop her collection now.

Expanding The Artisan Market

Like with any good growing market, we hope to add more artisans to support and highlight in the future. Do you know someone who crafts unique jewelry you love to wear? Share their designs with us by email at artisan@silpada.com or by tagging us @silpadadesigns.  

Come back throughout the year to discover other artisans that have joined our community. We hope to see you soon!

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