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Supporting Women’s Wellness

Breast cancer became the most common cancer globally as of 2021—affecting 1 in 8 U.S. women over the course of their lifetime. Providing resources to get checked out and knowledge of watch out for, sooner, saves lives. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Living Beyond Breast Cancer for the third year running to raise awareness and funds for all those affected. 

LBBC’s mission to educate, support, and improve the lives of women in its community aligns with our own. We are proud to collaborate with an organization like theirs that recognizes strength in sisterhood and empowers women. Together, we have raised $26K+ since 2019. 

Help us make this year’s donation the largest one yet.

Shop breast cancer awareness jewelry, 40% of proceeds will be donated to LBBC during October, with 20% giving back year-round.

The materials, craftsmanship, and backstory behind a piece of jewelry can make it a marker for life’s most meaningful moments. This year, we’ve collaborated with four women to create new pieces for our breast cancer awareness collection. Each new designer is a cancer thriver, a survivor using her experience to inspire and empower others.

New styles for 2021! Scroll to learn more.

Silpada’s Mission

The New Designers

Introducing Jasmine, Dana, Maimah, and Connie! While their stories differ, they have shared goals: to provide resources and support that make women’s cancer journeys a little easier and close the gaps in treatment based on race or accessibility. 

Jasmine Souers

Meet Jasmine! Jasmine is the co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer for For the Breast of Us, the first online breast cancer community for all women of color, and a survivor herself.

Anchor In Love Pendant

Jasmine’s design, the ‘Anchor In Love Pendant’ was inspired by her faith.

“I thought I knew God, but I’ve never experienced Him the way I have since the day of my mastectomy. It was then I realized that if I died, I’d have no excuse for playing small my whole life…I was thrown into two uncertain, unpredictable, and heartbreaking storms, chose to cling to God and I came out stronger than I ever knew I could be.” 

Jasmine hopes her design inspires others to remain anchored in their faith, and trust God, no matter how big the storms in life may be.

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Since the pandemic began, having a community is more important than ever. We asked Jasmine what being part of LBBC has meant to her and how she’s staying connected:

“Connecting with young women affected by breast cancer, in similar situations to mine, has been so helpful… We can’t comfort each other or grieve how we used to, and that’s been tough. Virtual homegoing services and celebrations have been helpful. Dance parties on Zoom and Instagram Live have brought joy to so many people in this time we’ve never felt further apart.”

Jasmine’s organization, For the Breast of Us, works to end racial disparities in treatment and survival between white women and women of color. Black and African American community members are dying at disproportionate rates to their white counterparts. Learn more at breastofus.com.

Dana Donofree

Meet Dana, founder and CEO of AnaOno Intimates, a lingerie company that sells bras for those with breast surgery (from someone who’s been there.) As a survivor herself, Dana said she loved sharing her breast cancer story through design and wants her ring to inspire hope.

Never Alone Opal Ring with inscription.

In her design, Dana used two bands to emulate an infinity sign, symbolizing the lifelong connection between oneself and one’s diagnosis. The opal represents hope and independence. The way that vein-like pink lines dance across its surface—present, but not all-consuming—mirrors the way cancer may be a part of us, but it is not who we are. 

As a final touch, its inscription reads, “Never Alone,” as a reminder to find strength in community.

“LBBC has been such an important part of my healing,” Dana explained. “It’s given me trusted information I can rely on to find out changing dynamics and new options in treatment and care. As well as a beautiful community that I can rely on for support and strength when I need it. I am so lucky to have found them.”

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As an advocate and business owner in the breast cancer community, Dana knows how important it is that different voices and diagnoses are shared and represented. Like Jasmine, her company uses its platform to help end disparities for Black and women of color.

“We must close the gap. We can help by sharing the lives of those that are afflicted by this disease in our marketing, our events, and conferences. When you see someone that looks like you, you can imagine it being you.”

Ana Ono Intimates is a lingerie company that sells bras for those with breast surgery. When you make a purchase from Ana Ono, 10% of the sales will be donated to LBBC. Learn more on their website: AnaOro.com

Maimah Karmo

Meet Maimah, CEO of TigerLily and breast cancer warrior.

At only 32 years old, Maimah made a promise while undergoing breast cancer treatment: if she survived, she would create an organization to educate, advocate for, and support young women affected by breast cancer. After her second treatment, Tigerlily Foundation was born. 

The Flower Of Life Charm (fits on pendants and bracelets!)

For her contribution, Maimah designed The Flower of Life Charm. ​​It represents the stargazer lily, her favorite flower.

“Like a woman in treatment, a flower may be dormant during Fall and Winter, but bloom through Spring and Summer; both grow while facing adversity.”

She hopes her piece reminds the wearer of their light, their beauty and strength, and their ability to grow throughout their breast cancer journey, and any other challenge they face.

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We asked Maimah how she’s staying connected to her community while the world continues to faces a pandemic, and what her community is looking forward to in 2022:

“Social media; Zoom calls; virtual parties; Pure Cat Initiative classes through Tigerlily (like yoga and meditation); meeting for walks, have all kept me connected.

In 2022, I’m planning to live in the present more than ever. Life will always present new challenges and opportunities to grow. For the foundation, I’m looking forward to expanding our ANGEL Advocacy Training, Clinical Trial Education Program, #InclusionPledge, and Pure Cat classes nationwide.”

The Tigerlily Foundation provides breast health, education, and transformational programs to young women before, during, and after breast cancer. They are committed to ending disparities of age, stage and color and seek to educate and empower women of all backgrounds, especially those at heightened risk, those facing health disparities, and those with less access to care. Learn more about their vision and services on TigerlilyFoundation.org.

Connie Curry

Meet Connie! Connie is a Silpada Ambassador and author of the book Give Me Back My Glory, a raw, therapeutic detailing of her breast cancer battle. We loved working with someone who is such a fan of the brand to bring her style to life.

Shield and Protect Lapis Ring

The details in Connie’s ring symbolize qualities she longed for during her treatment: protection, strength, and positivity. Blue lapis is known for its healing properties and positive effect on the wearer’s mood. The band’s Celtic-inspired motif is for strength and protection. Connie hopes her ring gives “great vibes” and inspires courage, strength, and joy.

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We spoke with Connie about what this process has meant to her, as a survivor, a creative person, and as part of the Silpada community: 

Every October, I love being a part of the Silpada x LBBC collaboration. I feel honored, flattered, and appreciate this opportunity. LBBC is a great resource offering hope, wisdom, and support to all fighting breast cancer. No one should ever fight alone and they are there for all of us.

We work hard to choose and create symbolic pieces for the breast cancer collection to support this great organization. It is amazing how a beautiful piece of jewelry can give one self-confidence when going through changes in the treatment of breast cancer.”

With her book, Give Me Back My Glory Connie has been able to recast her battle into an instrument to educate other women. She writes about testing, dense readings, signs to look for, as well as the importance of being positive.

“I didn’t have time for breast cancer. My husband and I were very scared. But I pulled up my bootstraps and took it head-on. I was determined to be positive, find some humor in it, and fight like a soldier. I am so blessed. I realize daily how lucky I am to be alive after 18 months of various treatments for it.

 I learned that hair really will grow back, bald is beautiful and through my misdiagnoses, I knew I had a story to tell. I didn’t want anyone to go through the misfortune I had gone through because of ‘dense readings’ of a mammogram. I became very proactive and wrote in my book daily as I went through my treatment.

Contact Connie here to order a copy of her book. To learn about our ambassador program visit ​​Silpada.com/Ambassadors.

We hope by raising awareness of resources like Living Beyond Breast Cancer, more women will take charge of their health. We’re a sisterhood of multiple generations and backgrounds and are proud to work with like-minded communities. Together, we can reach more people than we ever could apart.

Thanks for your support.

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– Tessa

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